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LINK Defrocked Priest in East Timor Faces Disturbing Allegations of Child Sex Abuse | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Rev. Richard Daschbach was ordained in the Catholic Church in 1964 and arrived in the country now called East Timor shortly after that. He was there during an independence battle that claimed over 200,000 lives. He created a home for people who had nowhere else to turn — often victims of abuse — and took in plenty of donations and goodwill.

But privately, according to Margie Mason and Robin McDowell of the Associated Press, here’s what he was doing with the little girls he was supposed to help:

Later in his room, they said Daschbach would strip down to white boxer shorts and a T-shirt and then undress the girls, giving them deodorant to put on before fondling them and quietly guiding their hands to touch him. Then, they said, there would often be oral sex. One accuser also alleged she was raped.

He would sometimes ask the children with him on the lower bunk to switch places with one or two others sleeping on the mattress above, they said, adding abuse also occasionally occurred during afternoon naps.
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String the Scumbag up by his balls ALIVE and leave him dangling in the wind until the carrion eaters have done with him.


The only thing that surprises me is that he's defrocked.

I had the same thought.

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