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LINK D.C. Pastor Charged With $3.5 Million PPP Loan Fraud | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

He used his business that went defunct more than 6 years earlier to apply...

snytiger6 9 Apr 19

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So sad to hear this, especially for me. I’m a Christian, a child of God, and I believe in Him. I can’t imagine the pastor of my church doing such machinations. It just proves that some of us pretend to be good guys’ and can have black nature inside. I’ve had many problems in my life, but I felt that God had always been with me and helped me out. Now I have difficulties paying off my mortgage, but I hope the consultation about Equity Release Sunderland will improve the situation. Do you guys have an experience with equity release?

A great deal of evil is done in churches simply because people simply refuse to believe their pastor or church leader would commit the acts they are accused of. Churches are perfect situations for opportunists to take advantage of the blind faith and trust of their members.


Just another example that good and bad people exist in all circles. Stealing from the government is not victimless, it takes away from those who pay the taxes and also those who receive benefits from the government. I don't believe his specific line of work makes any difference; stealing is stealing, plain and simple.


Call me what ever you like BUT I'll say that it could NOT have happened to a more deserving piece of Scum.


Lol. I wonder if God will forgive him for what he ends up doing in prison

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