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Thoughts on people who claim not to be religious but still believe in Jesus/god/sin/heaven etc?

Met a few people who say this and I know there are different schools of thought on this topic. Thoughts? Can you believe and not be 'religious'?

loloworonuk 3 Apr 16

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It's cool now to say your'e a "follower of Jesus", not a "Christian".. I think people are trying to distance themselves from all the crazy zealots..


What? Where?




Many people do not go to church or temple or mosque and still believe. that does not make them religious, it means they have a belief system.


Just in case? Or they find some confirmation to their bias in it.


It is semantics. Maybe they say they are not "religious" because they think they have a "personal relationship" with the invisible man in the sky. These are often the pious. By most people's definition they are religious. Though their piety, delusional thinking, and self-rightousness leads them to think that they are something beyond that...


Well where do they think those ideas come from? Organized Religions. I think they just want to make themselves sound more credible.


People just say that so they don't offend anyone


It depends on what you mean by “Jesus.” A god who came to earth and rose again? I would question why you would believe that if you’re not spiritual. But a Jesus who hand an interesting take on Judaism, flirted with messianic ideologies, and who apparently impacted someone who would eventually deify him, well, we’re pretty sure that guy existed, we just don’t know much about him.

As to sin, well, that would depend upon the creation story, which is incompatible with what we know about earth’s evolution. And here I would ask, “Why do you need sin?” We all ask the bigger questions about “right and wrong,” but at our everyday level, we know to “do no harm.”

God, heaven, afterlife... it all depends on how you define them. Do you do so against the backdrop of Christianity? That would put you back in the religious camp. But to consider the bigger questions, and use the term “god,” “heaven,” all that, as long as you’re not using those terms to bring harm, I see nothing wrong with it.

"But a Jesus who hand an interesting take on Judaism, flirted with messianic ideologies, and who apparently impacted someone who would eventually deify him, well, we’re pretty sure that guy existed, we just don’t know much about him."

"We" may be pretty sure but "they" would be wrong. There is no evidence of a real life Jesus Christ. He was a character in a book of fables until the catholic church claimed he was real for political reasons.

"There is no evidence of a real life Jesus Christ."

Of course not. "Christ" is a Hellenistic term and no Jewish person would ever wear that moniker. But there is plenty evidence of a "Jesus," big brother of James, who would be used by Paul to create hi Christ. Again, we don't know much about him.

I don't debate this because it's like debating a Creationist. They want to believe that, and that's their choice.

@Benthoven Have to disagree about plenty of evidence for Jesus.

@KC1959 Like I said, I no longer debate this.


I don't think you have too be Religious too believe in anything.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

well I guess you can if you are a bit 'throughother' and arent getting a lot of the art of logic in your life. But I guess it isnt worth talking serioulsy with someone who believes two contradictory things at the same time -( Like the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland.)


i don't know if this counts or not, but my mom believes in a higher power(she says she calls it god because its a common way of reffering to a higher power) but she doesnt identify with any particular religion. she just thinks theres something bigger than us out there looking out for us. i don't have any problem with it. everyone sees things their own way.

Byrd Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Many people shun organized religion, or don't identify with a specific faith, and have beliefs in higher powers or what have you.

I agree


Some other options not mentioned:

They may be apathetic agnostics who don't actually believe but say they do for familial or social reasons.

Those overcoming indoctrination who still feel belief is required for a moral compass or other reasons ingrained since birth.

Those who may be described as "liberal xians", some of which equate xianity to more inclusive beliefs such as pantheism.

Still another type are those much like myself who believe a "god" can be described as the sum total the actions of the believers, who may (or, like me, may not be) polytheistic given the same reasoning.

I've had some interesting discussions with all of the above in artistic circles also comprised of various assorted and sundry pagans, new agers, humanists, atheists and agnostics.


I believe that those are people who are holding on to the last remaining thread of something their parents led them to believe before they were old enough to critically analyze it. Kind of like still celebrating Xmas even after you find out there's no such thing as Santa Claus. You don't want to give up all of something that at one point in your life brought you something positive.


It's the "Not a religion, it's a relationship" bs.


Yes, they can. Some people equate "religious" as adhering to a certain set of beliefs set forth by a sect/denomination. They might even equate it with going to church. When I have heard people say that they are "believers" but not "religious," this has always been what they meant.

Merriam-Webster has three definitions of "religious":

1 : relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity a religious person religious attitudes
2 : of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances joined a religious order
3 a : scrupulously and conscientiously faithful

Those who are avowing to believe in Jesus but are not "religious" are thinking of only #2.


There is still lots to learn and unlearn.


here is what I think,

Religious: Practicing Worshipper, Regular Church Goer
Non-Religious Christian: Believer, but Doesn't regularly attend church and doesn't trust the New Testament as Cannonized, views Jesus as more of a individualized personal savior without a lot of details other than to be a good person and ask for forgiveness when one has done wrong (sinned).

Personal savior from what?


Excellent question. I was raised a Christian but after talking with many different denominations have concluded, finite man can not understand infinite. Religion is history but written by the victors. Rational, logical science with replicated, peer reviewed experimentation is an obvious choice. But, we are still ignorant to so much therefore God is still not disproven. 8)


I think they're just as whacked out as the religious ones.


Its just fucking stupid


Those people annoy my nut hair. It's worse when they say Atheism is a religion. Oh, Jesus.

Amen to that !!

I can feel my eyeballs attempting to explode everytime I here that.


I suspect that this condition is no different from, say, evangelical christianity where the individual has dillusions about what the 'faith' tells them and a huge diversion when it comes to their actual activities in daily life.


I’m an alcoholic but I only drink beer so it’s fine, right?

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