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Hi there. The survey included in the article is very interesting. It reveals that faith-based approach supporting vaccine uptake could persuade the hesitant to get vaccinated. I wonder what kind of faith-based approach, i.e. wording, could be applied.

Ryo1 Level 8 May 16, 2021

Not all anti-vaxxers are Evangelists. It disturbs me when two or more issues are lumped together.

As far as anti-vaxxers are concerned some are Evangelists, some are atheists or agnostics who have investigated, coming to different conclusions. I think all would do well to look at the details on the other side. I met Dr Andrew Wakefield, who started this whole thing. You'd be surprised that he is not a total anti-vaxxer. There is a middle ground. The middle ground states that it is taken too far unnecessarily...given too young before little bodies are able to synthesize it...not always clean,..over done. If you were to read, without vehemence and prejudice, you just might resist some vaccinations, & accept others. You might avoid some long term bad effects. This is a billion dollar industry and money motivations cause a lot of bad propaganda and vicious acts. You deserve the right to make an informed choice. I just got my Covid vaccine. That was my choice.

As far as Dr Wakefield is concerned...why did they destroy this researcher's career. ? Why did they threatened the safety of him and his family. Why was his home constantly under surveillance? He wasn't a criminal. He wanted to save children. He was not forcing anything on anyone. If they believed his conclusions were wrong, all they had to do was publish their reasons. So I conclude, they knew he was right and that his discoveries threatened their billion dollar wind fall. He was not an anti-vaxxer. He was a seeker of truth. What a shame because vaccinations are an important and necessary thing...but mishandled is a slap against the public and a slap against vaccinations. A lot of people have died that we don't get to hear about, let alone neurological problems - some obvious and others not attributed to this.

Please do not respond nastily to me. Don't threaten my life for voicing my opinion as some of you did once before. If you don;t like what I have said, just ignore it. I really don't want any hostility.

I find your reply to be thoughtful, even if I do not agree with everything that you have written in your comment.

@anglophone Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, not all evangelists are anti-vaxxers. We still need the thick, deep, detailed, description like this in articles and research. There has to be two or more elements in an article when discussing the micro-slash-sub communities of our culture. Otherwise, I respect your points. I love what you have shared. It's been refreshing to ~just again~ read about the concept "middle ground." Our country is being torn apart by extremism. Society cannot continue to function well with continued and sustained political polarization. I wrote feature stories in high school and college as a journalism major. These stories were often about the passion of just being good and goodness. It is not free thinking or critical thinking or MSM or mob mentality that is the problem. IT IS NASTY THINKING! ...MEAN, NASTY THINKING... We are devolving!


Hmm the title says “Anti-vaxxers” but according to the article, (“Chrissy Stroop writes,” which also can’t be copy pasted?) it’s the vaxxers who have the issues?

See how that works guys?
“I’m vaccinated, but I fear the unvaccinated” and this somehow makes sense to you?

Yes, I'm vaccinated and will be avoiding unvaccinated people. Vaccines do not confer 100% immunity, so vaccine refusers are both a collective danger and an individual danger. Only anti-vaxxers seem to have trouble understanding this.

@Druvius ah, so


Jeebus is thinking the flock.

Lol, " Jeebus is thinning the flock," love it.


Xian logic is so messed up. They don't believe in science but they do believe in an invisible magical man in the sky. They don't think medicine works bu they do think prayer works.

Belief in God really makes you stupid.

There is a distinction between SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. Technology is the use of science and can be great or can be faulty. Vaccinations are technology. Not all anti-vaxxers are anti science. I have read a lot on both sides..all by scientists. People are just too lazy to study the details. There's black & white and also, gray. You may make a choice concerning you, but not to impose your choice on others.


Again and again, all about 'me' and screw everyone else. Doesn't sound like thinking that would get one into 'paradise.'


I'm so sick of religion and the religious.
Their bullshit is far too dangerous to the general population.

I don't care if they are family or not.
I'm done with fucking morons.

I agree, you shouldn't fuck morons. They think wearing protection means putting on their steel-toed boots to bed.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 🙂

Hmm. "I'm done with fucking morons." Does that make you a sapiosexual? (And with my apologies to @Sgt_Spanky and yourself.)

Wouldn't 'fuck' one of those cretins with a 40' pole, let alone my worst enemy's dick.


I see it around here, the religious and the GOP/trump supporters/fox media watchers. Can't believe I still see trump signs.

The irredeemably stupid, like the poor, shall be forever with us.

@anglophone I think there is actually help/hope for some of the poor.

Still see those signs around here, too.
Although, on a much brighter note, my elderly next door neighbors took their 45 flag down.

@anglophone Sometimes I tend to think that the reason the Stupid breed so well is simply because they actually known no different.

@Triphid That figures.


Darwin wins again


I have neither time nor sympathy for the willfully ignorant.


Really??!! Ay maybe y’all oughta try some Agent Orange.


And we should care about these assholes because...?


Well, maybe they will find what they are seeking & we can wave good-bye!

Ah yes, may we live in hope even if we should die in despair.


Here, (England), it doesn’t seem to be religion based. Was really surprised to see a discussion on a workmate’s social media account about how they weren’t keen on getting vaccinated and load of similar comments from her friends. Many of them are mothers with pathogen carrying unvaccinated/ unvaccinable kids.
Cannot wait to get my 2nd vaccine and be further protected from incidental contact, but to have a kid going to school and not vaccinate? Who’s going to care for your kid when the family has Covid? (Although my niece did manage not to pass onto bro’s family when she had it).
Will still be sanitising to stop spread after vaccine, but this attitude is scary.

My take, as a middle ground, pro or anti-vaxxer, is that all this discussion obscures the fundamental issue concerning vaccinations...addressing pandemics and world-wide threats. Covid is a killer and highly contagious. Whatever one thinks about vaccinations, this is beyond all of that. This is a time for a middle-ground anti-vaxxer, like me, to get it, as I just did. Not all vaccinations are the same.

Yep, I'm getting the C-19 Vaccination on the 1st. of June, 3 weeks after my Flu Vaccination.

@think-beyond mmm, that’s a good attitude. I had my first astra zenica before the scares happened and will be taking my 2nd soon. It has made me a bit worried about my second dose, admittedly, but will take aspirin prior in the hope to minimalise clotting complications.

@girlwithsmiles You might also want to talk to your GP about apixaban and/or warfarin. (I have personal issues with blood clotting with unknown causes.)

@anglophone mmm had my jab and still here, thank goodness. They have a new sheet about serious side effects. Did take aspirin for a few days before, but it looks like if you were ok the first time it’s likely the 2nd time will also be ok. Phew 🙂

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