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This is interesting. Earlier today, I posted the thread, Christian Pornography which I also posted on a general interest board that, while not specifically a Xian site, included many users who were Xian as well as some atheists.

That post was met with outrage by the Xians and was later locked by the site admin. Here. it was met with relative indifference by both users and admin.

One post, two extremes of response. Conclusion: Xians can't take a joke where God/Jesus are concerned. They must only be spoken about in fawning worship. I have to question if they'd have been upset by a thread satirizing Tooth Fairy porn. I doubt it because they don't believe the Tooth Fairy is real.

Well, I don't believe God/Jesus are real so what's the difference to me? To their credit I wasn't banned from the site, only counseled to be more mindful of my content.

Sgt_Spanky 8 May 20

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Christians are fanatical about not thinking about sex, especially not the naughty bits of of "Holy" people.
I once heard a catholic monk's talk about Glorification, the raising of the dead on the day of judgment in perfected form. In the Q & A section someone asked exactly what a perfected body would be and the brother blushed and then explained that all parts of the body would be perfect and free from sickness and injury, but that "earthly" parts would not be glorified and in fact would not be there at all, since on the perfected earth they would not be needed anymore and omitted so they could not be misused, when praising god was all all our hands should be used for.
I think a lot of people in the audience decided there and then that Catholicism was not for them.

Xians are so uptight about what's "down there" and what ppl do with it. It's all so...siick.

Holy people: shit-holy, vagina-holy, mouth-holy, pisser-holy, ear-holy, sniffer-holy, naughty-bits-holy. (Sorry, I have had more than enough of these lunatics, so I gave way to that flight of fancy.)


Is Christian porn like watching a baby nurse from the breast of it's mother?


Has anybody told you you're an absolute heathen. 🤭 Well done ✅



As she knelt down deeply to pray, her bonnet slipped forward, revealing a perfectly smooth half inch of her neck, glowing golden in the light from the altar candles.

( Skip twelve paragraphs. )

"Oh vicar." She said. "That has left my asshole feeling really sore." "Our true faith in the lord, will remove all of our pains and discomforts." He replied. "And what about the marks the altar cloth has left on my belly and breasts ? What will I tell my husband ? " She asked. "Tell him you were praying really hard. Its not a lie. At least that is what it sounded like to me."

The end.

And the lesson from this story is. If you are washing the altar cloth, make sure the dyes are fast before you fold it, don't try to pray and do housework at the same time, and don't shut the washer door with your butt while your hands are full. ( Why ? What did you think happened ? )


Nicely done.
I'm in favor of most things that enrage believers.
Keep poking the bear.

I do my best. 🙂

Poking bears, may not be a good metaphore to use on a post about pornography. Especially if the bear enjoys it. LOL

@Fernapple Maybe if the Elisha had poked the bear, he wouldn't have been in such a tizzy in the story about summoning bears to murder kids when they teased him about being bald.


Sounds like something Facebook would do nowadays.


Imbeciles can be mighty touchy about anything that threatens their imbecility.

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