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LINK Leaks Show DC Cops Justify "Aggressive" Protest Tactics: Expert (Leak Included Power Point video on how to be aggressive and who to target)

They should've the ransom!!!

(Of course mainstream media hasn't yet found a way to -coat/whitewash/bluelinewash this, and the AL Jezzara link doesn't paste properly here, so I'm posting a site most likely don't use /read. I'll also post the original Al Jezzara link below.)

This is absolutely appalling.

Ransomware Leaks Documents From DC Cops Justifying Aggressive Protest Tactics Including The Power Point Training Video Training Cops What Tactics To Use And Who To Target

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 21

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Thanks for posting this. No fucking surprise to most of us that there's a double standard on how protesters from the left are treated by cops compared to right wing protesters.


bluelinewash...good one

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