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POLL Would the world be better off without Facebook?

Facebook- is it a net good or bad thing-
Does it promote a "me" culture?
Or does it connect people to each other?

Are we better off with or without Facebook-like social media?

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I’ve met people on fb who were pivotal in helping me away from theism and woo.
I was a silent audience member in a religious debate group on fb for a couple years before engagaing and eventually becoming an admin, what I gained from that experience is incredibly valuable to me.
Some of the people I met there have become friends IRL and many that I still haven’t met, I consider close friends.

My atheist parents grief group is there as well, and I need that support.

I go on to my son’s profile daily.. leave a heart or a song or a love note when I need something that feels like him..

I met my current boyfriend on fb.
I dig a lot of the neuroscience and humor pages that I follow, too.

And, I think all the points made here are valid, I simply refine my fb experience so that I can both be of service and learn.

AMGT Level 8 Nov 30, 2017

"Meh - probably the same" is my answer to almost every question smile001.gif

Hellbent Level 7 Nov 30, 2017

Facebook used to be about keeping up with friends and family, but lately I'm seeing very few posts from friends and my "liked" pages are dominating my newsfeed. I find myself checking FB a lot less frequently, and really use Messenger more than FB. I kind of think overall we'd be better without social media at all, because I don't think it's enriching people's lives. It feels very egocentric and reinforces that perspective (not to mention how it bolsters confirmation bias). If I didn't have Facebook over the last decade, what would I have missed out on of value? Cat memes, random pokes, and Farmville?

resserts Level 8 Nov 30, 2017

I keep in touch with more people with less effort than I did in the past as well as being aware what most of those people are up to in their lives. I find value in that. Otherwise, they'd be unknowns to me most of the time. There are some drawbacks I understand but up to now I think I can adequately deal with them.

SamL Level 7 Dec 1, 2017

I do use Facebook daily, but I don't think of it as a necessity (my life has not changed one bit for better or worse since I signed up)...I do, however, think that it has opened a pathway for people to become LESS social [yes, I realize that I'm saying that "Social Media" is making people less social]...now, instead of meeting people face-to-face and talking (whether about issues or just visiting), they can be as rude, overbearing and obnoxious as they want with almost total anonymity. It has also become, unfortunately, a platform for naïve (or just plain ignorant) people to vent their spleen at those who don't share their exact belief system.

twitch Level 6 Nov 30, 2017

You guys are intellectuals, so let me share a troubling, but interesting video(

In it she talks about how Facebook is a cog in the wheel of polarization, why they do it and even a reasonable start as to how. Personally I would MUCH prefer this site remain completely non-profit/non-prophet for the reasons she describes.

That being said, Facebook is another space to engage with people and as a large community, it does have value.

DJVJ311 Level 7 Nov 30, 2017

Answering honestly, facebook actually isnt the problem, we are. as humans we tend to make things Dark.

twshield Level 8 Nov 30, 2017

I miss MySpace to be honest.

how was that different /better?

MS wasn't as cooperate as FB is. It really was more about being social and communicating with friends. I suppose FB can be and still is that, but there is so much BS with the sharing of "news" stories and all the ads. I think MS was just simpler.


I’m more social because of it. I’m able to connect daily with friends and family, that normally I wouldn’t talk to for long times due to my anxiety and whatnot and not leaving the house.

I love the pages I’m subscribed to. Lots of science, archaeology, geology. I don’t follow much else. A few atheist sites.

I got into MySpace, and then Facebook, to stalk my kids. Lol

I only have a few dozen ‘friends’. And only two people on my list that I’ve never met in person.

Annaleda Level 7 Dec 1, 2017

I voted better without.
I'm as guilty as anyone about spending too much time on there.
I feel too much time is wasted on there that could otherwise be spent doing something in the real world.

Paul628 Level 8 Nov 30, 2017

It certainly helps people communicate but leaves out a certain human touch in communication.

Bucky12 Level 5 Nov 30, 2017

It isn't much different from any other social media platform.

Maya405 Level 7 Nov 30, 2017

there are goods and bads, but.. people would call more

Psilovybin Level 5 Nov 30, 2017

I use FB quite a bit,I can connect with a lot of people with common interests from all over the world while living in a rural area and doing work that requires me to step back to rejuvenate. If a person bothers me enough i just block them. leave the group. unfolow or whatever.Like moving to a different room at the party

btroje Level 8 Dec 7, 2017

I say Meh, Probably The Same...

I think life was great before Facebook as a general. We called, Emailed, Wrote and went to visit each other and that was a great thing. I only have people I know personally on my Facebook page and I do that for a very specific reason for keeping the chaos and drama down in my own life. I don't need people posting strange things or starting little drama fights over differences of opinions with my friends or family If I don't actually know them myself. I can account for everyone on my Facebook page. I like that we have Facebook to have brought us together with people we may have lost contact with. Facebook helps me in many ways as I have issues getting up and leaving the house. If I am not going to class or Therapy I am usually at home. I have severe problems with my anxiety and depression.

I also like that Facebook is a great networking tool also. It helps people get jobs, get around and advance. There are a lot of great things that have come from having Facebook. There have sadly been a lot of bad things as well.

Mplsguy80 Level 4 Dec 2, 2017

i really don't know as everything is a double-edged sword.


it has its use. if it was not called face book it would be something else. it gave people a chance to post things without media spin, much needed for the elections.


Facebook is fantastic at bringing like-minded people together, which is something the whole world needs. It’s far from perfect, can be addictive, but it definitely has a place in the world and i hope it progresses getting better with time.

Hugene2002 Level 7 Nov 30, 2017

Facebook is IMHO another tool that when used properly can help keep people engaged, connected and involved... Considering that it can be used to spread news, information and connect us to each other Facebook has a valuable place and part to play in our lives. That being said it shouldn't replace actual interactions with each other - it is simply a supplement to get forms of communication. Like other forms of communication people are using it for negative and nefarious reasons... I like Facebook, warts and all.

Dmej114 Level 4 May 16, 2018

I do believe that people would actually speak and visit with their friends and family in person more often

Shelton Level 7 Mar 12, 2018
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