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LINK Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vows to defund Legislature after voting bill fails | The Texas Tribune

Jesus Christ. What a bunch of shit. Defunding his own cronies. #smh

This reminds me of when Butch Otter was the Governor of Idaho and when his pet project failed to pass the Idaho House/Senate, he vowed to Veto every single bill that passed regardless of which political party was the ideologue of said bill(s.)

And he did exactly that. Not one bill made out into law for almost two sessions.


SeaGreenEyez 9 June 1

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It's a damn shame Molly Ivans isn't still around to report on the Lege and the other goings on in Austin. She'd be having a field day right about now.


Spoil sport

bobwjr Level 10 June 2, 2021

Does this surprise anyone? I mean really?


I'd still like to push his wheelchair over a cliff. With him in it of course.


Oh burn! They get $600 a session. HAHAHA!


I'm tired of this stupid governor making Texas even worse!

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