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LINK Derek Chauvin Reveals 'Heart Damage' Diagnosis In Plea For No Prison Time

The "preliminary report suggests" a heart problem. 🙄

I wonder if they thought this up because they claimed Mr. Floyd died because of a heart problem. They could let someone kneel on Chauvin's neck for some 9+ minutes, in a prone position, just to verify if there's a heart condition. Just a thought. 🤔🤔

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 4

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Argument based on facts not in evidence. What heart?


Can't have "heart damage" when you do not have one! Groveling candyass, just like all bullies!



bobwjr Level 10 June 4, 2021

He doesn't have a heart.


He didn't show mercy for 9+ minutes on a man's neck.
Eff him. Let him die in prison.

Unity Level 7 June 4, 2021

His defense amounts to
"DUDE! C'MON, COMMMMM'ON until he killed someone, he was an employed family man, just like you 'n' me, a gud(ish) guy, so. Ah C'OOOOOMMMMMOOON We all make mistakes"


Good idea. This guy knows with his track record he is in deep doo doo in prison. Cops do not fair welm in prison in genrral, but this guy has got to be scared to death which is fine with me.

I suspect he'll be going to a Club Fed. The newest indictments are nearly defenseless. I read the actual transcript of the case involving the 14 year old child and it is, if possible, as bad if not worse than George Floyd.

He knelt on his neck for over 17 minutes as the child waxed and wained in and out of consciousness, while Chauvin also struck his head with his flashlight. (I actually couldn't read it all in one sitting out was so disturbing.).

At any rate, it's all over for him. In a Federal prison, however, he won't face the same people or problems that he may face in a state facility.

I haven't gotten to the Federal indictments of all four Chauvin and Company transcripts, but time for those new civil right charges would be Federal also. 🙄

@SeaGreenEyez l did not know about the 14 year old. How that didn't get him kicked off of the force is an indictment on the whole system. Whatever happens to him will not be enough.

@Sticks48 This 14 year old incident happened in 2017 and it is BRUTAL. The original story was reported in August 2020 but was largely ignored by mainstream media until the v recent indictment was rendered. It is considered a "civil right" violation claim, and it carries a possible life without parole or death penalty (which won't happen, but the threat is there.)

Not unlike Mr. Floyd, this child cried and begged for his Mother. 😔😕. There is video, it's gutwrenching.

The burden of proof is different in a civil right case, and the penalty phase is not regulated by mandatory minimums. However, he's now also been Indicted on this same civil right statute for murdering Mr. Floyd. He's also been Indicted for tax fraud. He's a criminal. In all regards of the word. (He grabbed this kid by the throat, repeatedly punched him, once cuffed and down, he knelt on his back and neck for over 17 minutes.) 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Chauvin Indicted For Violating The Civil Rights Of A 14 Year Old Boy In 2017


Not a bad idea.

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