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LINK Banished for bleeding: Tribal Indian women get better period huts

Awesome!!! Now being banished for a natural occurring monthly event, some East Indian women aren't in pig stalls/barns. They're actually in cheeky decorated huts. 🙄🙄🙄

What progress.


SeaGreenEyez 9 June 4

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SMH indeed. And to think I'm appalled by the level of ignorance in the US.


Unbelievable but that's religion for you

bobwjr Level 10 June 4, 2021

Nay Bob. Not religion - IGNORANCE.


It reminds me of how the Nazis built a small number of model concentration camps, which they allowed the worlds press to visit, so that they could see how well the inmates were treated. Of course as soon as the press had taken their photos and left, the inmates were shipped off to real death camps.


The Buy-babble also says, that there should be a death penalty, for any man who sees a woman naked during menstruation. ( Guilty. So come and get me. )


Quite right too. I'm fascinated though that the selfish me-tooers et al have not long since eradicated the disgusting situation.
Ignorant people but many westerners are no better.


I have not heard of this before. I don't even have words for this practice.

It was once standard in many Jewish communities too, and it follows from biblical law.

@Fernapple That is some sick shit!

@Sticks48 Yeah, it's really sick. Women die every year in Nepal, even though the practice is supposed to be illegal. Hypothermia, snake bites, smoke inhalation from the fire for warmth inside the barn/hut. Some are assaulted negate they are considered unclean.


It's also a practice still in existence in Etheopia (Jewish women mostly.). Aboriginal in Australia, and even some certain sects of various religions in Columbia. (These guys can also be used after giving birth. I guess that's unclean, too.) It's barbaric.

@SeaGreenEyez It is beyond barbaric. It is inhumane!


Appalling sexism.

Backwards, misogynist cultures.

I can't stand it.

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