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LINK The World's Largest Yard Sale Spans 690 Miles Across The U.S.

A week ago I asked a co-worker what they'd be doing for Memorial Day.

She said she saves the bulk of her vacation time (5 weeks per year) for The World's Largest Yard Sale.

I thought she HAD to be kidding. 🤔. Nope. She wasn't. 😳

I could watch grass grow and be more enthused, personally. But, whatever makes one happy, I guess.



SeaGreenEyez 9 June 8

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Thanks, but no thanks.


Americans are born to shop and love deals. We may be the only culture that shops for recreation.

So true. It's disgusting the amount of resources expended trying to pry our wallets open.


Some people don't mind sitting in a lawn chair for 12 hours watching Murcans dig through moldy clothes and books and movies that no one ever enjoyed.

Apparently A LOT of Americans ARE THOSE PEOPLE digging through moldy clothes, etc.

I don't find the people setting up shop as baffling as those who save vacation time to shuffle through someone else trash, seeking treasures.

And nearly 700 miles of it????

It is the Midwest, though. Most of the people I know here think it's a HUGE deal if you go see your Snowbird in-laws in Florida for a 3 day weekend. Something like going abroad, on a cruise, to Vegas or Tahoe, to anywhere but here? Not likely. It's so weird.

I haven't been introduced to the 700 miles, but I ran into a 12 mile version in Virginia. Every year, people selling their crap and causing traffic nightmares. I agree. Put me on a plane to somewhere with a curry and a culture.

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