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Does anybody believe Comey and his reasoning.

He thought Hillary was going to win so he didn't want he to saddle with another email accounts conspiracy that could harm her Presidency. Sorry ahead of time if this was already discussed I didn't see any. I will delete if it was.

PickledRick 8 Apr 17

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I think the great irony is, is that the FBI seemed to have been anti Clinton during the campaign and now their actions that hurt her are now the basis the Trumpanistas are using to remove them from their positions. Karma if u believe in it is a BITCH!


Damn, I just wish that Canada hadn't turned down my application to immigrate there 10 years ago, I wouldn't have to give a shit about all this garbage.


Haven't read the book yet. heard him on NPR. From NPR he seems liek he was wel meaning, but lackied insight intothe consequences of at least some if nto many of his actions. Or, at least that ws the impression i got.

He knows EXACTLY how to sound in order to be believable...right? The guy is trained in this kind of work

@crazycurlz He came off sounding a bit naive, as far as how his actions will affect people over the long term, to me. I came to wonder how he ever was put into the position in the first place from the answers he gave. He id dnto seem competent enough to hold hte position as head of hte FBI. He sounded like as head of hte FBI the job was over his head.

@snytiger6 The first 7-10 minutes I was lulled into that trusting authority mindset, too. He's VERY good at this. But, then, I started to doubt and when I take the situation as a whole...the timing of his book and the public appearances...he's undermining the mueller probe. What is up with this guy? You might be right...naivete. And it makes me just as angry to think that as it does to think that he's manipulative because I come to the same conclusion you do how in the hell did he get to that position of power? But it makes me angry. thanks for discussing!


I think he is more believable than Trump


Bottomline is we cannot allow these powerdrunk self aggrandizing people to derail the democracy. Sometimes I am happy for Trump because we the people have become complacent and take democracy for granted. We forget as late as the 1970s many countries were under autocratic rule and their was a Soviet Block of countries that were ruled under the threat of death if u tried to leave. How short are memories. Democracy just does not happen. It is and will always be a system of government we the people have to fight for. Sometimes literally.

Interesting ideas

we the people?

@GipsyOfNewSpain I found that a little odd too. and lifting the term 'self aggrandizing' too...

agree Jamerican!


I find the whole thing sickening


Comey's a con artist. I believe that HE believes the bullshit he's spewing. He doesn't have the integrity of Mueller. He threw the election. And now he's got his own circus sideshow going on, and the publication of his book is self aggrandizement, diminishing the already diminished (thanks to...Comey) FBI. Comey's right up there with the best of our self-serving 'patriots': trump, comey, even hilary. She's not the liar that trump is. But, like Comey, they are full of their own greatness, making assumptions based on their own sense of superiority. Thanks for posting.

Great comment, that is my feeling exactly.


How often law enforcement been wrong? Plenty of times. Tomorrow won't be different. He screwed up in a moment were there were a lot of other muffs in the electoral process. Russian intervention was real. But whatever happens to America or ameriKKKa... it was caused by its people that allowed it to happen.


I don't care how many people think Comey was lying, TRUMP is still the KING of the LIARS averaging 6 lies a day to the public and who knows how many lies to his staff and administration.

ugh. so true. OMG he's our PRESIDENT. How long is this going to go on?


Yes. He was/is disclosing information about what he did concerning both parties. People have all kinds of "reasoning," just think of your own life and (reasons) for doing things. His reason is reasonable and I believe him; he has come forward to explain his actions. The public should hear what he has to say. (believe it or not) I like free speech over chosen silence. (ask Trump, Michael Cohen, et. goons for the same!)


Hell No! I spent 5 year in the Navy where it was drilled into our heads everyday what would happen if we mis-used classified email servers or the perils of what would happen if those with a security clearance did anything to mis-use it..Ive seen people get run through hell for plugging their phone into a work computer.

Comey said in his speech on the matter that a person in Hillary's position should of known better and that there was plenty of evidence she made a mistake and anyone else making the same mistake would of been prosecuted.

So Hillary, having a top secret clearance who either didn't know better or didn't care, whonhas access to information that could affect the entire nation just gets a free pass when she screws up?

I might not have any love for Trump but that's just being blatant in your corruption.

Comey didn't say that any one other than Hilary would have been prosecuted. He did question her judgement.

The pot's calling the kettle black, for lack of a better term.

@crazycurlz an excerpt from Comey's speech

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.

@josh23452 cherry pick much? "Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information....Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. ...In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts...Opinions are irrelevant, and they were all uninformed by insight into our investigation, because we did the investigation the right way. "
I don't think Hilary's above board. I think she's an egomaniac. Under Trump? We're sitting ducks, devolving. I even agree with the crazy thing he did to tame Kim Jong Un. I like how Niki Haley is handling the UN. But overall, the mafia's in the WH

@crazycurlz see that's one of the parts I found especially infuriating.. They admit she fucked up but figure in no way to at the very least reprimand her. SOMETHING to demonstrate the consequences for mishandling classified materials or servers...

Do you think I would receive the same treatment if I'd made the same mistake? The answer I can tell you is a resounding no..Ive seen people lose their clearance for a lot less.

The mishandling of classified information comes from a shoe designer daughter who has control of her father's Fortune meeting with world leaders. And you can apply thatt to all his bastard kids

@Kojaksmom see now you're excusing Hillary's fault by pointing out when someone else does something similar or worse...That means Jack shit...Hillary fucked up

@josh23452l she admitted she made a mistake, she apologized for it and she was Investigations far more than Nixon ever had to endure

@Kojaksmom Also am I the only one who remembers that she announced our respones time to a nuclear attack on live television? Shit regardless of her intent on the matter that's more than once she has proven she's not good with secure information...Regardless of if she meant to do so that level if incompetence should at the very least be discussed.

And again I ask how forgiving would you be if anyone else blundered in such a fashion..Say you turned on the news and saw my face on the news because of the same mistake what would your response be?

@josh23452 do you really think that this was in the minds of the American voters in the voting booth?

@Kojaksmom it was on mine..Along with the rest of her political history...Ya know I tried to give her a chance..I really did but between her voting record in the Senate, her tine prior to that..Not to mention her flip flopping on several progressive issues..I couldn't in good conscience vote for her.

@josh23452 well I'm glad that you're finding Donald Trump to be the Superior candidate.

@Kojaksmom you assume I voted for Trump..And yes I know everyone says that a vote for 3rd party is what brought us Trump to begin with but hey maybe the DNC will wise up and not waste any more time on Clinton.

@josh23452 it's definitely complicated but here's the thing: Hilary 'f'd up but that doesn't mean what she did was illegal. Careless is different than illegal. And there are a lot of government officials before and after this Hilary thing that used the wrong servers. I didn't want to vote for Hilary either. I don't trust her. I think she's political elite, ASSuming she has a right to leadership. But I knew Trump has mafia-like connections. I think all of us are trying to make sense of what happened during this election. It doesn't help any of us to alienate eachother...which is really what Putin wants to see happen...American fighting American.

@crazycurlz the legality isn't what bothers me..If you on multiple occasions mis-use classified or important information, the last thing in gona do is vote to put you in a position to handle more of it..If you can't keep your mouth quiet about our response time to an attack then you've no buisness as president...If an E-1 in the military with a secret clearence is held to higher standards and is shown to be more responsible with their clearance than you are then there is no earthly way I'm gona want you in the highest office of the country.


It all seems like bullshit to me.

I have like lots of science degress & stuff, and I don't understand what the fuck is going on in Washington right now. And as the CF of the government becomes clearer and clearer, I'm not sure I've ever understood what was going on there.

Really, it shouldn't be that hard to find - not religious competent people to run a goverment. Guessin it really is a bitch to find good help these days.


Yes, he was apparently calling balls and strikes. That however does not take away the motives for Trump having that kind of interview with the man If we can give Trump such a long rope of grace, then are we not hypocritical to expect infallibility from Comey.


I don't understand this. Comey opened up the investigation again against Hillary Clinton shortly before the election.he did it to try to derail het. It's sad to me that Trump was under investigation for colluding with the Russians before he got elected. Nobody seemed to make a big deal out of this story before the election. a big Thanks goes to the Electoral College for being the fuckards that they are. Give a green light to a morally corrupt businessman who's under investigation for colluding with the foreign enemy.

Stop trying to mix the media up it confuses them. LOL

Listen to his interview on Fresh Air. He explains his reasoning on this question and I absolutlely understand. I also understand his reasoning about HRC’s emails (though I think he was over-protecting the institutions of WH and FBI). Comey seems, to me, honorable but not the best Director. We’ve had worse, though, and he protected Nixon.


I believe he is caught up in h in s own indignation and moral selprespective. But I do not believe he is a liar


I think he made some extremely poor choices in the run-up to the election, no question.
However, I do believe what he's said about 45. Especially the part about 45 acting like
a mafia don, and requesting loyalty. 45 is dirty. Always has been, always will be.


Sounds like a 16-year-old jaded lover.


It kinda makes sense, but I think that is a stupid way to run the FBI.

That's like an umpire saying The Yankees are going to win, so it doesn't matter that I missed those last three pitches.

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