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Harlem church provides COVID vaccinations

Finally, a church does something right. If they keep this up, I will have to stop my constant, negative posts. Just let the priests/pastors/ministers/clergy/whatever be able to get married and be female, and that should stop the sexual predators. Or at least bring it down to school level.


UrsiMajor 8 June 9

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Wow! This IS news. 👍


At least one church here has had Covid vaccination clinics.


One good deed does not undo all the crimes against humanity of their past.


Starting a hospital is a very big undertaking , and a lot of our hospitals were started by churches , something the average person couldn't do . While religion itself , seems to be mostly anti-human , I do feel the need to recognize their good works as well , or at least the people of religion who do .


Yeah, I suppose it is too much to ask they stop thinking there is a guy in the clouds micro managing things🙂.


Funny the differences. In the UK so many churches and mosques have been used for vaccinations, nobody things it is anything special.


One good deed doesn't change the fact they are still a cult.


Baptist, as opposed to Evangelical.
Common sense obviously prevails over power chasing politics.

Petter Level 9 June 10, 2021

There is still plenty to be negative about concerning religion. It isn't a black or white proposition but shades of gray. We should be able to praise the responsible actions of a religious organization without requirements to overlook the negative.


Very good

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