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This bird seemed rather tame but I could not catch it. Probably escaped from a cage. Hope it survives.

Jolanta 8 June 10

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Could it be that some parakeets have gotten wise to Mrs Conclusion in that Monty Python skit?

“Mrs Conclusion: We're going to have our budgie put down.

Mrs Premise: Really? Is it very old?

Mrs Conclusion: No. We just don't like it. We're going to take it to the vet tomorrow.”


I was an ACO and someone called one day to report a bird landed on her arm, lol it was a lost parakeet. Amazing it returned home. My SIL had one as a kid, Skippy and he could say his name and spell it, address and phone. He escaped and was gone a year, the people said they really fell in love but he kept up with name, address and phone so they called and returned him. WEIRD PEOPLE.


So many parakeets have escaped here in Tampa that there is now a breeding colony

In Queensland, Australia you can see thousands of them flying. It is truly a beautiful sight.

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