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Here's a picture I took at a local coffeehouse a few years ago.


On Facebook, I found my third cousin. We look like sisters.


In my junior year of high school, I traveled from LA to Chicago and, thereafter, visited the Museum of Science and Industry. On the second floor, we had just passed the HO train diorama, and while walking I noticed a familiar looking teen with red hair. We both stared at each other in amazement, but said nothing. When I got back to school, I confirmed that the girl was a classmate in most of my classes. What are the odds?

Several years ago I ran into my next door neighbor walking down a dirt road in Tulum Mexico.

I don’t know what it has to do with the original post.

@deepeddy Partly as a consequence of that experience, I have maintained a strong interest in the concept of coincidence. In my case, I can propose mitigating circumstances to reduce the level of strangeness: spring break, novelty museums to visit in a major city, the dynamics of a random walk, or maybe not so random...

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