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So many movie lines come to mind, "alllllllllrighty then"or my personal fav, "forget it Jake, it's Chinatown", etc. It is funny sad that our elected officials have shell gamed us into this situation. There was ALways some bigger crisis that needed attention, study and money. Don't get much bigger a crisis than, "Well, kids you get to choose, death by fire or death by hunger. No water means no food. As the question arises what's more important big ag or people. Out west the water situation is dire and has been for a long time and hard choices will have to be made.


I remember studying climate change and the effects it would have while doing grad work in environmental studies. That was in the '70s.


Scientist were raising alarm bells about global drought being an imminent issue at least a decade ago. We're not really an intelligent species.

Any intelligence is out-weighed by short term greed & wishful thinking.

What's funny (not funny haha, funny sad) is my Mother's Mother was bitching about the world's population and just where on earth would the water come from to sustain said population??????

Mind you, she was ranting about this as she was (at 93 years of age) dragging hoses around, watering a nearly dead half acre of lawn, being overjoyed that there were babies being added to the already booming baby momma & baby daddy drama playing out with her favorite grandchildren, and she was blowing up fossil fuel every Sunday to hit the casinos on the Nevada border. And as for recycling???? That wasn't her thing. BUT she had VERY serious opinions on the 28 Syrians that were accepted into the community by the refugee center, and how they outbid her at an auction for some old bunkbeds.
Those dirty bastards. Using water and old furniture. They're killing the planet. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

She found my language regarding climate change a hoax. 😉


We deserve to burn in Hell. We begged for this.

Well, we walked right into it with "Eyes Wide Shut"!

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