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LINK Trump Supporter Who Shot Into Car Full of Black Teens at December Iowa Rally to Avoid Increased Prison Time After Being Offered 'Generous' Plea Deal

Just got fun, let's restate that:

Bernie Sanders support who shot into a car of white teens at December really to avoid prison after being offered 'Generous' Plea deal.

Uhm. Yeah. That would NEVER happen.



SeaGreenEyez 9 June 24

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An on the 8th day the lawd Gawd made them there black folk and said untu Adam
"There yu go bub, get to doing some target practice"
Trump Bible
Book of armaments chapter 2 verse 20


I hear what you are saying, but the real reason it would never happen is that Bernie Sanders' supporters are not so insecure and/or unbalanced that they would carry weapons to a rally.

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