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Social conservatism cannot become healthy until America cleans out skeletons of its clandestine agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA...etc) and anti-communism movements.

Agree or disagree?

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domos 6 July 14

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They will be cleaned out over time, I think. I'll be very surprised, frankly, if Conservatism survives as a majority party after the 2024 election. If voters reject it in that year then my odds go way up for at least a few decades. I think LBJ is laughing somewhere because their Southern Strategy has finally bitten their ass.


Social conservatism isn't healthy. I'm not sure how you think cleaning out the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., would change that?

The more exposure white Americans got to the realities of segregation and discrimination in the South the more the norms of white culture excluded such extremes. At the very least the explicit practice of brutal oppression became more covert.

While this didn't solve the problem, it showed that exposure is often critical for social conservatism to find a more manageable footing... Even if it continues to perpetuate problematic narratives.

They would still be crazy but less imminently dangerous


Big words. No meaning. Please, define what your thoughts on social conservative mean. Because to me it is a meaningless word. Clandestine bull, and what skeleton? What the hell do you mean?

I mean the long history of over classification in order to promote a anti-communist / white supremacist cultural norm in the United States.

If the facts of government policy and intervention were made a baseline of discussion in the US, it would at least provide social conservatives a more accurate means to frame their ideology. They would still be politically conservative, but maybe less anti-democratic.


Social conservatism today is rotten to its very core. The FBI, CIA, and NSA don't have a damned thing to do with that fact.

Human history is full of conservative movements in society and politics.

However in American history, a lot of the narratives and norms and societal ideals of social conservatism are inseparable from the actions and/or censorship of clandestine agencies.

Cointel pro is one example.

If the government was required to the classify everything not relevant to current threats and national interests, maybe social conservatives could have a more accurate understanding of their heritage and the realities of this country of not the world.


So you think communism is a good idea or you work for the GRU at a troll-farm?

I have no idea what you're talking about and if you view communism as the only alternative to social conservatism...... I'm not interested in finding out.

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