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For @Admin
My phone app for the site went wonkie this morning. I deleted it and later reinstalled. Working now. Had an error 505 i believe.

Beowulfsfriend 9 July 19

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Me too.


Probably down so Conservative Law Enforcement can search for Anti-American Antifa super soldiers.
They don't understand that there's no such thing as Anti-American Antifa, fascist by definition are Anti-American so if you're Anti-Antifa then you're playing for the wrong team. It was the MAGA Confederate pawns that attacked the Capital and that's just one of a thousand reasons to know they're fascist scum bags.
The guy that started this site is a fucking MAGA.
We argued a lot until I blocked his stupid ass.


The site was down for a while earlier this afternoon (my afternoon is your morning)…so it wasn’t your end it must’ve been the site.

I think we're going to see more and more of this as the site becomes more of a ghost ship with no admin. or regular staff to install updates, etc. and keep out scammers wanting to use it for posting ads for businesses and such.

@TomMcGiverin That’s a very sad prospect!

@Marionville It is, but this isn't my first rodeo with it. I saw it happen a number of years ago with a karaoke discussion forum. Karaoke is my main hobby.

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