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Fox frequently gets carried away while trying to pander to sections of its audience.


If they knew what freedom was really about they would realize they have never had it.


Freedom from working. Freedom from seeing your family. Freedom from seeing your friends. Freedom from that pesky breathing thing. Can't get too much freer than that.


Tucker Carlson is a liar, his nick name is shit, his heart pumps piss, and he doesn't love Jesus even though he claims to.

Do any of them, really? When one television station does as much disservice to humanity, must we not believe this about them all?

@MsKathleen I believe so 🙂


I really did wonder how long it would take for realization to dawn on Fox News, and Republican politicians, that their stance was killing off mostly their own supporters. Longer than I would have guessed. I must have over estimated their intelligence.

Deb57 Level 8 July 21, 2021

All the peopel at Fox News have been vaccinated themselves.


Fox is trying to walk back its ideological blunders.

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