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Does anyone else think the newfound Republican support of the vaccine is nothing more than a callous attempt to preserve their situationist mobs?

Are Republicans sincere about supporting the vaccine?

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domos 6 July 21

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And from what I understand all of the Fox news people are fully vaccinated. Murdoch might have wanted this fr insurance purposes.


From what I understand the White House had a chat with FOX executives.


It is a little scary that they're willing to risk the lives of their own supporters to such an extent...

I think it's hard to deny that the Republicans have become the political wing of a full-on seditionist movement.

They consistently demonstrate a dangerously narrow definition of who is a valid citizen worthy society/government concern or resources.

domos Level 6 July 21, 2021

they sincerly want votes.


If shit happens during Trump, they are for it. If the best thing happens under Biden, they are against it.


They just realized that a significant number of those dying because of COVID-19 are Republicans,

That and POTUS Joe's FCC threatened to pull their license to operate (I'd bet) along with legal liabilities.

@rainmanjr I think you meant FCC license..

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