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It has been a long time, a really long time, so long that the next time I'm with a woman and things are going well, THIS is how it will go.

ThomasLevi 6 July 21

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Good funny line there, but speak for yourself chief. I will be prepared, at least as far as supplies. How ready I will be mentally or emotionally, that may be a different matter. We'll see. I may end up being in the same boat as you. The last time I was with anybody new, AIDS and HIV were a real concern. Nowadays things are much safer in general. And, lucky for me, the women I date these days at my age are either already in or past menopause, or already had their tubes tied, so pregnancy is pretty much a non-issue.

well, it was meant to be a joke, I have not been on a bicycle in a long time but pretty sure I still know how to ride.

@ThomasLevi Good use of an old saw on that one as well. The ? is not how to ride, but how the experience will go emotionally, for both of you...



Jane had been waiting so long in the bridal suite bed for Tom to come out of the bathroom that she yelled to him "Tom, come out! Are you scared?"
Tom shoved his head round the door & said "Well my mum said that you've got teeth down there!"
"Nonsense!" Said Jane & in one swift movement threw the bed clothes from her body, pulled up her sexy black lace nightgown and spread her legs & labia wide "Look no teeth!"
"Yeah but your gums don't look healthy" observed Tom!

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