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LINK “Psychic Medium” Thomas John Fell for a Trap Created by a Group of Skeptics | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

He is/was a "grief vampire" exploiting the grief of others, claiming to talk to dead relatives, in order t enrich himself. What makes it really bad is he tried to take advantage of children. Instead he got exposed as a fake.

Sadly, some will still believe.

snytiger6 9 July 28

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If I say I am a Psychic Medium would I get to know the winner of the lottery? Could I tell if someone was a vampire or a Zombie? Would people send me money for the hell of it?


Grief Vampires - catchy


I doubt this will be a career ender for him.


What do you call an midget who's evading the police, and claims to be psychic?

A small medium at large.


Really. Are there any mediums without being psychic?


The article sucks because there are no videos or transcripts/quotes that show how the psychic “fell into it.” We’re simply taking the author’s word for it. Poor reporting.


There will never be a shortage of fools and brainwashed idiots.


It's always good when charlatans like
Thomas John are exposed.
It cannot happen often enough.

Exactly. Some of the worst evil is exploiting others grief.

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