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LINK Police Union BACKS JAN 6 RIOTER - YouTube

So now the cops are even protecting traitors who attacked the country and attempted to overthrow the government. Again I ask, where are the good ones?

Another question. How is participating in attacking the capitol in an effort to take over the government not a violent act?

redbai 8 Aug 4

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This is what unions do.

There was video of a steelworker playing a joke on his fellow workers (union!) in the mill. Left a live wire for someone to pick and get shocked. This was not an accident or a slip up.

The union saved his jobs, other members be damned.

So much for unions. Just like Dems, they destroy themselves

twill Level 7 Aug 5, 2021

Comparing a practical joke to participating in an attempt to violently take over the country is ridiculous, especially when that person has taken an oath to follow the law. A police union that would do this is corrupt, not all unions are corrupt.

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