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Google gave phone makers extra money to ditch third-party app stores

Android OEMs couldn’t preload apps that could install other apps


FearlessFly 9 Aug 20

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I've just tried to download & install the Uptodown store app. My download on my Samsung S8+ & DuckDuckGo browser keeps telling me that the download is disabled - it isn't. Furthermore pressing the enable button does not produce anything that enables it. I frequently use this app to download, including 2.6 Gb systems, to my phone and as you can see installing apps from other sources is switched on.!

It's got me flummoxed!


An article on OEM stores & the industry.

MOST of which are in China . . .

"Deemed a security threat as a potential surveillance “backdoor” for China’s government, Huawei has been banned in the United States. As a result, Google has revoked Huawei’s Android license, and U.S. chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm and ARM have ceased business with Huawei."

Westerners using Huawei apps strikes me as worse than foolish. 😛 ymmv

@FearlessFly Apart from Samsung what smartphones are not made in China?
Your American paranoia is displaying its awesome insecurity.

@FrayedBear []

It is not paranoia if they are REALLY out to get you 🙂

(I don't/won't have a smartphone)

@FearlessFly sure that it isn't projection by a nation enjoined in a folies?

@FrayedBear . . . which nation(s) AREN"T "enjoined in a folies?" 😛


Isn't this clearly anti-competitive behaviour ?


“Google’s Premier Device Program was not publicly known, and was not known to Epic, before Google recently began producing relevant documents in this litigation,” Epic’s lawyers wrote in the complaint. “Google has sought to conceal its most restrictive anticompetitive conduct by, among other things, including in the agreements themselves a provision restricting signatories from making ‘any public statement regarding [the] Agreement without the other party’s prior written approval.’”

But isn't this what America has done to Julian Assange, Venezuela, N. Korea, Iran. . .?

@FrayedBear apples, oranges

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