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POLL Marianne Williamson speaks with Afghanistan War veteran Laura Jedeed - YouTube

This is a great interview POV with a real expert.

I would have voted for Ms Williamson?

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rainmanjr 8 Aug 26

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I voted for Joe Biden in the Pennsylvania primary. I'm glad he got the nomination because he defeated Donald Fucking Trump.


I remember my impression of all her presidential primary debate performances, as well as a smattering of interviews, was that she could articulate a reasonable understanding of some important socio-political problems but that what little she proposed in the way of solutions was half-cocked conjecture. Her lack of real governing experience showed more embarrassingly than that of most of her rivals.


She was less wrong than some.

skado Level 9 Aug 26, 2021

Didn’t she run in Demo primary?. If so, she overreached.

Afghanistan. Another American attempt at empire. Exploit the young to benefit the wealthy. Foolish and tragic.

It was only an overreach if one considers current political theory to be of value. If one considers a better path to be egalitarian, non-militaristic (though not pacifistic), health oriented, and inclusive then I think she was a great choice. If not then she wasn't. I voted for Bernie and then POTUS Joe so obviously didn't feel she was a right fit for this time but I think she's closer to correct.

@rainmanjr I liked some of her ideas but political reality says newbies don't run for the top office or against same party incumbents who are not in trouble. Was there a Republican she could have challenged?

Getting to be president isn't the only valid motivation for launching a campaign. I doubt Bernie ever expected to be president, but his campaigns definitely influenced the public conversation.

@yvilletom To challenge a gQp in a Primary would have made her need to change a lot of her proposals.

@rainmanjr She would not run in a primary, competing with another Dem.

She would run in the general election competing with a Repub. She would need proposals relevant to the position for which she was competing.

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