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I’m waiting

CourtJester 7 Aug 26

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yes they will but we cannot change them ...sorry for any female born to that part of the world


Jeebus H. Do you enjoy looking/sounding dumb? I cannot think, of another reason for this post....

Did you not read the post?


I think it's wrong to leave the way we are. It could've been handled much differently, but Trump made that extremely difficult if not impossible.
Oh well.

and trump would have done far worst no ppl would have gotten out

you are right two ro three airports should have been open before troops were gone and evacuations started right away but it is what it is we did the same in viet nam

@whiskywoman We hadn’t had a single death in 18 months. Because of what Trump did; You would have literally been safer as a soldier in Afghanistan than a police officer on the streets of any Democrat city in the US.
Amazing what policies and leadership do.

@CourtJester he had no leadership so don't even go there or morals or vision he was there for the graft and the money he could funnel into his pockets and save his failing businesses most of what he did was illegal especially the insurrection so don't try and tell me how great the baby rapper was and how safe he made us

@CourtJester trump fucked us every way he could

@CourtJester In exchange for our promise to withdraw by a specific date, the Taliban promised not to attack U.S. troops. You must have known that. That's what mystifies me about some people, who are willing to twist the truth into pretzels if necessary to win an argument, in this case 1)Trump was a wise leader, 2) 'Democrat cities' are unsafe because they're in the hands of Democratic politicians. The second assertion is a gross oversimplification, and you must know that too.
The ends never justify the means. In making points, the end (in this case to successfully assert that Republicans have a better ideology, policies, and world view) does not justify making fallacious arguments which won't change minds anyway because they are so easily dismissed. If the end is to simply annoy people, mission accomplished.

@whiskywoman can you explain how so????

@whiskywoman, @Storm1752 We controlled 100% of the lines in Afghanistan. We told them what we expected. If they fell short, we bombed the shit out of their tribes. They would back off, and we went on.
Our withdrawal was condition based. Lack of conditions = bombs.


A Trump supporter pretending he cares about the fate of women in Afghanistan. Where were you when Trump was surrendering to the Taliban? I'm waiting.

I see. You’re waiting on these folks to tell you what to think.

Me too.


You expect them to care about non white women, they don't have blonde hair and blue eyes

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 27, 2021

they don't care about white women Christians are oppressors of women and worse than the Taliban if they could they would behead us in the streets too


The Taliban were just sitting back chilling, waiting for us to get tired of spending $100,000,000,000 per year in that hellhole.

They knew they would be back in power soon regardless of who was in the White Hosue.

BD66 Level 8 Aug 27, 2021

Right now I'm remembering all the other countries that we didn't invade such as Saudi Arabia who have horrendous misogynist policies. If you don't see that helping the women and children in Afghanistan was just a ploy to support their war that was really to support the military industrial complex. I pity your lack of understanding.


A stupid false analogy. It is so apparent that it is a damned bad joke.


C J is trying to use guilt, …and failing.


I don't see the connection, sorry.



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