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POLL Cop Kills Cop; Nearby Lady Gets Charged With Manslaughter –

Jenna Holm is facing prison time for the death of Bonneville County Sheriff's Deputy Wyatt Maser in May of 2020, despite the fact that Maser was killed not by Holm, but by one his fellow police officers.

Maser and his colleague, Deputy Benjamin Bottcher, were called to help Holm, who had crashed her car on a rural road on May 18 of last year. When the deputies arrived, Holm was in the street wielding a machete, screaming. Bottcher, who had interacted with Holm days prior at the Idaho Falls Behavioral Crisis Center, worked to calm her down during what was possibly a mental health crisis. After Bottcher repeatedly tased Holm, eventually subduing her, Maser was walking into the road toward Holm when a third police officer, Sergeant Randy Flagel, arrived on the scene and struck Maser with his vehicle, killing him.

Idaho State Police are now seeking to prosecute Holm for Maser's death.

Do you think the charges are justified?

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snytiger6 9 Sep 2

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Yes! She got off lucky she wasn't charged with murder. []

Tejas Level 7 Sep 2, 2021

You did read that she suffered from a mental illness epi9sode? She might have been swingigng a machete, but she herself did not actually cause any injuries to anyone.

IMO, the death was caused by either the driving cop not looking where he was driving, and/or the cop who got hit who didn't look where he was going and stepped in front of the moving car.

@snytiger6 my local law would dictate she would legally be held accountable for the death of the officer. Morally I would be inclined to agree also. She may have not intended for anyone to get hurt but because of her actions someone died.


Why aren't they prosecuting criminals for police that haven't filed their tax returns, oh!, that's right, the criminals have nothing to do with it.
This is why mental health professionals should have been involved, which is what conservatives call "defunding the police." It would protect the mentally ill from police brutality and keep the police clear so they don't hurt each other by doing things like shooting or running over each other.


Much bigger concerns these days. Put her in an institution as being a danger to others.


Unless there is some other information we’re not hearing about…in my opinion there can be no justification for prosecuting Jenna Holm for Maser’s death.

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