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POLL Governor's Kidnappers FINALLY Being SENTENCED - YouTube

It's one thing to break the law in a calculated way, so long as the end result will hurt nobody or is seen as necessary, and quite another to do it because God gave you permission. I think so, anyway, but I got high when it was illegal. I would argue it was necessary.

My guess about why old people get off on solitary confinement is that our world is getting narrower, or going to get narrower rather soon, so we begin to sadistically want more to suffer that fate. Humans are rather dark and selfish animals.

This was fun.

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rainmanjr 8 Sep 3

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There is only one being sentenced. There is a lot more to be tried and hopefully convicted.


Too many bloggers take too long to tell the news their headlines describe. This blogger was one of them.i


Prison isn't good environment to "de" anything. You have to find friends quickly. Some aren't good at that. Our prison system is deeply fucking broken.
I'm glad that one guy is trying to get better, but he's got a tough road ahead of him.

Everybody has a tough road ahead of them. It seems that each life travels through rough terrain of one, or several, things or another but I also wish him success. We tend to find what we're looking for, it also seems to me, so I'm sure he'll find some measure of it.


What Governor got kidnapped...heard about some wanting to, planning to, but had not heard about an actual kidnapping're saying attempted murder is not a crime?
If someone is caught on tape arranging a murder for hire, that isn't a crime?

They intended to rape, torture and murder her on live feed and blow up a bridge so no one could intervene.

They need to never feel the grass under their miserable traitorous feet again.

BufftonBeotch you sure read a hellofalot into my statement. seem like a nice enough kid...might try not assuming the negative. And do I think that conspiring to do a thing should carry the same penality as the actual crime? That just "assumes" entirely too much that may or may not be true. So, NO!

@HankSherman Incompetence should never be a mitigating factor.

Conspiracy to commit kidnapping. And from what I understand, they also conspired to murder her. Just because the crime failed it does not mean it is not still a crime.

@MyTVC15 of course not.....are you interpreting anything that I've said in that light???

@HankSherman I think seeming to be permissive of a crime should carry the same sentence and be the decisive moment of action for criminal intent. Not holding people accountable for what they're setting into motion is a good deal of our nation's problem. In this age of cyboring I think people should be accountable at a specific point. It sets expectations in a positive lean.

@rainmanjr I see you've got it all figured out, at least in your own's when you start deciding what is in others mind that I have a problem with your thinking.


The penalties for these kinds of asshats really need to be harsher.


6 years. A slap on the wrist.

I really have no objection to a longer sentence, or even one more vengefully against this asshole's POV, but would accept an independent and competent Board's ruling that he has grown, in a way. Vengeance is a dish best served with marination and such a Board is a long way from fruiation.

@rainmanjr 20 years would be more like it.

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