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God always hates others.Christian god hates others,Muslim Allah hates nonMuslims says will put them in hell, Hindu gods don't even let others come inside Mandir and so on. God first creats then hates.

Chaahat2020 4 Sep 5

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Hateful prejudiced bigoted gods that in every way resemble the primitive men that created them


Allah and God are the same being. Islam and Christianity are actually simply Sister religions, with the faithful being not much different except in skin color and geographical locale (mainly.)

And again, given these are fictional characters, it is man that interprets and begats war, xenophobia, hatred, etc.


Ve-ely Intahlesting

twill Level 7 Sep 5, 2021

believe that if you like, but really all you are doing is displaying your own ignorance imo


I understand what you mean, even if others do not.


There are no gods and the hatred is created by humans.


What evidence do you have any god exist?

There is no evidence of a super-power.

@Wangobango3 Do you have evidence there is no god?

@xenoview science/agnosticism is brutal, huh?

@xenoview There has NEVER been ANY tangible, Irrefutable, Empirically Tried, Tested and Proven Evidence that ANY god/gods/goddesses have EVER existed EXCEPT in the Imaginings of Humans.
Ergo, Lack of Proof/Evidence is, in its self then Proof Positive of Non-existence is it not.

@xenoview Yes I do. The fact that Joel Osteen hasn't died in a crash of one of his fucking jet planes is proof that there is no God.

@xenoview It is impossible to prove a negative. There is no God. If there is, prove it. If you think there is, perhaps you are on the wrong site.

@Wangobango3 I don't know if there is a god. If you say there is no god, then you have the burden of proving no god exist.

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