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For those who have not seen this video.
We are traveling through the cosmos at 43495.984 mph

Blues-Man 6 Sep 15

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Nice graphic, but it shows only some of the movement.

Our Sun is dragging its planets, comets, asteroids, etc about the Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy is moving through a group of galaxies, that group of galaxies is moving, and et cetera.

And everywhere outside the Solar System, gravity is so much weaker than electricity that its effects can be all but ignored.


  1. Yes. Three times.
  2. Most of it. Seigel has for years parroted the big bang lies. I now ignore him.
  3. Before reason, roughly seventh century BCE, there was only myth.

3a etc. The time for debate ended more than a century ago, with Einstein and his untestable mathematics, Eddington and his support for fusion and A. E’s untestable math, and LeMaitre and his fraud,

@Blues-Man Don’t follow me; follow Ethan.


Soooooooo, nice pix, but fails to explain why the stars/constellations change Very little. With this model, even over a really long time, they would change beyond recognition......


"Life is vortex"? What bunkum! Talk about false analogies.

He also very conveniently forgets that the Milky Way is also rotating around the gravitational centre of our local group of galaxies, and has neglected to include that fact as part of his video.

Nice graphics, pity about the content.


I have seen this before and am still intrigued by this model. Thanks for posting!


I admit I don't know, but I'm inclined to disbelieve that the plane of the solar system is perpendicular to the sun's path of travel. That path of travel is necessarily either from the galactic frame of reference, or that of our local supercluster. Take your pick.

You can choose whatever frame of reference is convenient for your purposes at the time.

@anglophone Would any frame of reference have special definition, as, say, the purported origin of the big bang, or also incorporate motion relative to other frames of reference.

@racocn8 I am not aware of any frame of reference having a special definition. I have no issue with frames of reference moving with respect to each other.


Very cool

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 15, 2021
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