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Hey suddenly overnight a mysterious thing happened. I became an 8!! How?? LOL

K9Kohle789 8 Sep 16

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well I approve, shirt or no shirt but it would be fun to taunt the LORD cultist next door.


Thank you for calling attention to this. I have no idea when I turned 8 either… just noticed it the other day! Whose piloting this ship anyway? 🤷♂️


Congratulations, I promise you won't feel any different in the morning.


By now, it shouldn’t matter anymore.


You should get a free t-shirt. Write to Admin. They run small but they are good quality.

Is anyone paying attention anymore?

@MsKathleen paying attention to what?

@barjoe whether or not members get a t-shirt.

They stopped doing the shirt sorry. But the upside is that if you have one, they could become collectables. LOL


Did you choose the Winnebago or the European vacation?

skado Level 9 Sep 16, 2021

I've been at level 7 for what seems like forever. By my calculations I should reach level 8 sometime around mid-summer of 2083.

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