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Apt description of many in America.

redbai 8 Sep 17

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It happens all the time.

100 years ago, they had enough sense to set up quarantine facilities and procedures to help mitigated the spread of diseases like Covid-19.

This time the "Top scientists and doctors" didn't have the sense of the doctors and scientists from the 1300's to the 1920's.

BD66 Level 8 Sep 17, 2021

Scientists and doctors didn't set up the infrastructure in the past, the government did. The difference here is that the Trump Administrations incompetence destroyed any chance of addressing this intelligently from the beginning and their lies to cover up their incompetence gave a lot of people stupid idea about how to address the pandemic.


This cartoon perfectl illustrates my brother-in-law after he read a short printing of Einstein's little blue Relativity book. Ha, ha.🙂

Did he really think he'd seen something that every physicist over the last century had missed?🤔
That Nobel(or per tRump, Noble) Prize should arrive any day I guess.

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