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POLL Time to Chill

I've not been a big fan of Halloween since it became Xmas commercial but, this year especially, I've had enough of death. My plan is to celebrate NV Day and overlook The Dark Lord's hauntings. I don't even believe in The Dark Lord, for Christ's sake💀

It does seem rather morbid this year

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rainmanjr 8 Sep 23

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Halloween should be a "holiday" for little kids to dress up and gorge on massive sugar rush. It's become a drinking holiday for "adults". It's a Xtian holiday All Hallows Eve. It's not a pagan ritual, Xtians would dress up like various saints the night preceding "All Saints Day" November 1st. I don't like Halloween. I like to spend my Halloween with my lights out pretending not to be home.


Like last year, I do not think that children should be going door to door during a surge of a pandemic. But just like last year, they will. My neighborhood usually gets 400 kids beginning at 4:30PM and going on to almost 10PM. Just like last year, I am going to keep my lights off.

I think that's the thing to do (keeping the lights off). I do that, too.


I've kind of become interested in the movie series again since Jamie Lee Curtis reprised the role that initially made her famous. Except now, she's a badass. I love her. She seems so genuine.

She's tempting I do not have such channels but wouldn't watch if I did because of the genre. I no longer understand it.

@rainmanjr My wife won't watch horror movies, so I totally understand. I will be watching this by myself at the theater or at home.


The dead side of Halloween is ignorant people putting fake graves in their yard with the family names on them. Scammers and molesters can use that. As for passing out candy, I do not do that at all and usually put up a sign "no Halloween here" and I keep my porch light off.


Any/every holiday can be celebrated or ignored however you wish. Halloween (much like Xmas and Easter) is an amalgamation of various traditions and festivals from different cultures. It is not Satanic and even if it were Satan isn't actually real.

The right of individual participation in anything is assumed to be the choice of an individual. The origination of Halloween was not as aspect of my post. Nor was the scope of its realism.


I'm just old and tired and don't have it in me anymore.

Yes,, that's part of it, too. I'm much closer to the dead side than is comfy for most people. In fact, that alone might be the best costume. Old age is scary shit.

@rainmanjr @JeffMurray. I am with you both. We thought being a teenager was hard. This is truly the worst phase of my life so far. Feeling more mortal than ever.

@MyTVC15 That's not exactly my problem. I feel like life is taking forever.

@JeffMurray You're a young fellow.

@JeffMurray Mine is going way too fast.

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