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Bronx Zoo visitors get to watch gorillas engaged in oral sex. Gee, I wonder how the religious dipshits will explsin NATURE.


Beowulfsfriend 9 Sep 24

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How about the progressive dipshits who will demand equal opportunity sucking for trans-gorillas?

There may be gorillas that prefer similar or mixed sexes. Look up bonobos, they have tons of sex: MF, MM, FF.
Of course, I was looking at this from a religious point of view. Excuse me for forgetting that there are people ignorant of the science that shows humans have varying sexualities. I suppose you have no problems with forcing people to be sent to camps that force them to recognize their birth sex and that they must desire sexual relationships with people of the other birth sex. Sounds like you may be comfortable in most evangelical churches.


Gorillas have nothing on Bonobos, the most libidinous of primates! 😉


WOW...great sex at the BRONX ZOO.


People are so screwed up.



bobwjr Level 10 Sep 24, 2021

Sadly some pedophile priests might actually use this to explain how "natural" it is for kids to do the same thing with them.

Would not surprise me.

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