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LINK Teacher Shows "Prager U" Video in Class - YouTube

That this is happening, showing Preger U videos in schools, is a bit disturbing

snytiger6 9 Sep 25

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I'm not familiar with Prager U, nor of its videos. But how do we know that the Social Studies teacher wasn't showing the video as an example of misinformation?

I'm asking this question because people truly believe that students in a classroom are sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly grasping what ever comes out of their teacher's mouths.

They're not. Were you at that age?

Maybe this video was introduced as an example of misinformation, but the student was busy texting and didn't hear the intro. Then started listening as the video was played, knew it was misinformation, so reported it and the teacher to administration.

I'm not familiar with David Packman either so why should I trust the information in his video anymore than a Prager U video?

Too many unknowns in this situation. But, as usual, we are fast to judge and condemn.

This is why no one wants to go into teaching in America. Why get beat up for everything that comes out of your mouth when you can go into management in a corporation, become a moron, but get paid twice as much??


Prager U is as much as ‘university’ as Trump U, and to both I say, F U!

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