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The BIG question for humans, WHERE did we come from?. Here are some theories.

  1. 7 theories- ideas []
  2. Yet one of the most obvious big questions—how did life arise from inorganic matter?—remains a great unknown. RNA beginnings- []
  3. ET & Woo woo beginnings []
  4. Big Bang It has long been thought that the ingredients for life came together slowly, bit by bit. Now there is evidence it all happened at once in a chemical big bang
  5. Romp of theories NYT. []

Favor any in particular?

Favorite theory of yours

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K9Kohle789 8 Sep 27

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Life is consciousness. I think it's caused by a parasite.


Xenu dunnit!


I refuse to be a social media "expert" upon a subject in which I am not qualified. Therefore, I will not "vote".

It's under "philosophy' so a guess is a good as it gets.

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