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Yes, we just cannot wait until Reinstatement Day. QAnon delight!

I just posted this on Facebook to see what happens. My guess is that it will be OK because it causes controversy and I am not using words like "crazy. nuts, lunatic, insane, asylum," etc. We shall see. 🙂

DenoPenno 9 Oct 7

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October 8th and this post is still in Facebook just as I posted it. No comments but still there. Originally posted it on my feed and it goes from there into my page. I believe the "AI police" are at a standstill because of a lack of word salad that they deal with and the fact that FB does want to generate replies and controversy. Play nice has become "say nice." A meme is mind food but FB has been known to remove an untrue meme. Usually they have words on them to cause this.




Keep us updated on your Facebook status please.

Will do. I will report how FB is with my post again tomorrow.


I'm presently in FB jail.

My experiment here is to see if words get you in jail or is it images. I believe FB is now doing anything to create controversy and replies. As for FB jail, they have apparently banned me permanently from Marketplace. Somehow their AI reported that I was trying to sell domain names and also become a car dealer. I'm still shocked by the claim.


Reinstatement day AGAIN? LOL

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