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POLL The first black female 007: "It changes everything" – Lashana Lynch | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan - YouTube

Apparently she is the new (and last, I'll predict) James Bond. A woman named James. She has the audacity, in this interview, to talk about authenticity. LMAO

A female James is okay with me

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rainmanjr 8 Oct 11

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I haven't really enjoyed the Daniel Craig James Bond movies. They're just one gritty non-stop crazy action scene after another. Basically the Fast & Furious of spy movies. I have absolutely no problem with a female James Bond. Maybe they'll write her as using her wits and intellect to solve problems rather than over-the-top non-stop violence.

Who cares if the original Bond was a womanizing man with a rapey vibe. That character was dreamed up in the 50's. Pop culture characters frequently get updated, re-invented, and re-booted especially when they get old and out-dated. Why kick around the same old worn out character decade after decade after decade?

Also, James Bond should be about 90 years old. Having him magically get younger every decade or two is nonsensical.

Look how many times Batman has been re-invented in movies and TV. The Equalizer is a good recent example of a character that was originally a man but was re-booted with a female character.

There have been 25 to 27 James Bond movies (depending on which ones get counted). Why not try something that's at least a little bit fresh and new?

And if the new female 007 doesn't work out they can always reboot the whole franchise and start all over again.

Gotta say I disagree with all of that but I'll address these points:
1: Daniel has been a great Bond because he plays the role with a seriousness the character's life would demand. Sean understood this, also, but Broccoli didn't. He loved Moore. Apparently the kids don't get what Bond represents, either, despite Craig's brilliant performances and looks. In CR there's a scene, in M's home, when Craig's profile looks like Connery that I want to believe was intentional. I'm also of the opinion that Fleming should have killed Bond, as he wanted to do but couldn't bring himself to actually do, so I'm okay with letting him go. I do agree that the action scenes are too much. That is not Craig's fault, however, so I don't hold his performance to those.
2: We discuss the male aspect of Bond so invent a new character. She can't say "My name is Bond. James Bond (or whatever they change it to)" without being laughed out of existence.
3: Ian Fleming cared so I should think we should. Fleming would still care because it kind of feminizes him (since Bond=Fleming).
4: We do that every time Bond changes faces but not in this manner. This manner is
5: No. Once the Genie is dead the bottle is worthless trash.


  1. I have no issue with Craig as Bond only how the character is written and the stories presented. The Craig movies are joyless, somber, gritty, and no fun to watch in my opinion. If that's what you're looking for in a movie then that's fine with me.
  2. The new 007 is a new character. Her names isn't James Bond. She is the new 007 just like they've had new Q's and M's over the years.
  3. Ian Fleming is dead. So is Albert Broccoli. Their ideas were fine for decades but we live in a new era. If the Bond franchise wants to appeal to a new and younger audience it has to change.
  4. Many aspects of Bond haven't changed. Also... he should be 90 years old. A new 007 realistically makes sense.
  5. Not true. Franchises get refurbished and rebooted all the time such as Tarzan, King Kong, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Godzilla, Peter Pan, etc.

Bond is a specific character, and part of that character is as a womanizer. Is the new Bond perhaps a lesbian "player?" That might work, then, but still seems a stretch.

What's getting stretched? LMAO


It character is based on books with Bond being a male. I don't think it would sell well. Come up with a great character for a woman. There are other "double 0s". Give here a different double 0 number. Maybe introduce her in a Bond movie and spin off from that.

Yeah. That would be fine. Bond was, essentially, Ian Fleming so this is kind of making Fleming a transgendered person. I think Ian would have objected.


I mean if they want to keep killing off popular TV shows and movies. I don't see men remaking movies with popular female roles and making them men. I really don't have too big an issue with it though, I just don't like franchises that I enjoy being tarnished by people who don't care about the fans.

Tejas Level 7 Oct 11, 2021

We need to remake Cinderella and snow white with an all men cast! That'll show em lol

I don't disagree with that POV. At some level the fans matter and, I think, fans of Bond respond to his maleness. That's important to the character (I think it's the reason the character transcends actors) butt the Broccoli's obviously disagree with my POV. I'd prefer of them to simply kill James Bond and start a new franchise. Maybe Bond's daughter (who was recruited by M) but not a complete take-over of his skin. What's the pronoun? He/her/they? I'll simply let go of the character.

@Tejas Hey, there was an all-gay male ballet production of Swan Lake. But I assume the addition of "gay" automatically changes the category to something slightly other than merely a male production.

@MikeInBatonRouge Yeah. This would be more of rewriting the tale so that it's not just men playing women's parts.


Will she bed down with whatever men will further her investigation?

Apparently, that's what it's all about.


JAMES, although fictional, is a super-stereotypical he (that has been the attraction) and this indicates that ANY male will be written out of the script. Any script society has to offer. I, as a male who supports Equal Rights for all human beings (defined as such by DNA), will not sanction killing us off.

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