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Is online dating addictive?

Is the browsing and swiping involved with dating apps addictive?

Is online dating addictive?

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How the hell would I know never even tried.


It is only second to setting my dick on fire and putting it out with a hammer!


Online dating can definitely be addicting. It's like gambling. Intermittent reward is the strongest type of reward to keep someone going. Any behavior can be addicting if it produces a reward.

women of all shapes and sizes are constantly inundated with attention and validation on dating sites


I have been on Match actively for about three years now, and I can see how it might be addictive for some folks, as far as the thrill or drama of the emotional rollercoaster it provides for their life, and also the constant ego strokes they may get if they are making lots of connections with people that are interested in dating them. In those respects, esp. for those with low self-esteem or big egos that need to be stroked, it makes them feel validated, dateable, and valuable as human beings.

But for me, and probably most of the more emotionally healthy and secure folks on dating sites, it gets really old after a while, both in the rejection and disappointment, but also in the repetition of the process, being constantly evaluated, judged, running thru the same routine of messaging, phone calls or video chats, coffee meetings, and then, very few actual fun or romantic dates with people. I am guessing that people who are more attractive looking get way more actual fun, romantic dates with people, as well as most of the sex that occurs from dating sites, while, for average folks like me, it is more akin to being perpetually unemployed and job-seeking for years without end.

And when you are experiencing that latter side on online dating, along with all the lying, game-playing, BS, rudeness, etc., it makes me feel more like I want to quickly and permanently retire from the game ASAP, if I could just find someone compatible for the long haul. And I am still looking for that... My guess is that the older the person, then generally the more they want to get out of it permanently, after they have been on it for a while... The younger people are more likely to enjoy playing the field and keeping in the dating game to just date serially or casually, instead of seeking the LTR or life partnership.

o tom!

@HeAdAkE And what are you really trying to say, besides terse snark, man?


Far from it.

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