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LINK MyPillow CEO Thinks Fox News Is Conspiring With Dominion Voting Company - YouTube

Some people, because they can't ever admit to being wrong, so they just dig deeper into conspiracy theories and make up new ones when the current one(s) get debunked.

snytiger6 9 Oct 18

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Mein Pillow!


And now the Trumplicans are attacking their only support that has even a shred of legitimacy. It’s only a matter of time until they start eating each other.


Boy.. That truth telling stuff can be insidious. It's a slippery slope even for Fox.
Ha, ha.πŸ™‚

I thought it was interesting that this guy speculated that Steve Bannon had Lindell on maybe looking for a laugh.
I saw a piece elsewhere just this morning wondering if Bannon was hoping to be prosecuted for defying the Congressional subpoena to try and keep his name in the news. Lol.πŸ™‚
He sees that his time is fading -- 'waning' was the word the article used.

I think a lot of right wingers are flailing just now -- trying not to become footnotes to an unforgiving history. I wish that I had more confidence in our society to definitively move in the right direction. I'm afraid we'll won't do the right thing (if we still can) until all other options have been tried.


ROFLMAO, you used "[Lindell]" & "thinks" in the same sentence....silly @Syntiger6!

Yeah, those two words in the same sentence are pretty funny, once you notice it.


He is just a crazy and delusional as Trump and his followers.

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