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WE see in a national news feed that a black former Minneapolis cop, a Somalie immigrant named Mohamed Noor, had his 12 plus year murder sentence for the shooting of white. i say completely innocent and legally unblemished white woman, Justine Ruszczyk, 40, who called police on the night of July 15, 2017, after hearing another woman scream near her home. MS Ruszczyk was approaching Noor's squad car to talk to him. He stuck his gun out his window, past his partner, and shot her dead. Its a sort of a rough mirror image of the George Floyd case, with the racial profiles reversed. The politically controlled sentencing was also reversed. Compare ms Ruszczky's personal and criminal profile to Mr Floyd's at your leisure. It's also each the reverse of the other.

How many multiple hours did Judy Woodruff give to the Floyd horse opera? Tonight she gave the re sentencing in the Ruszczyk murder two sentences. She made no mention at all of the racial contrast between shooter and victim ! This is absolutely par for the course for her. She is perhaps the worst national level TV reporter i've ever seen. She " earns " $800 thousand per year, i say $ 800 thousand. for god knows how many years now. She, ladies and gentlemen, is a progressive sacred cow.

holdenc98 7 Oct 21

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Does this video have anything to do with the topic?

no. it has to do with my incompetence on the computer. but take the occasion to listen to 114:30 through 117:30. my gift to you. its carlin

@holdenc98 I don't know much about this comedian.

But the original issue that was mentioned, to me, this represents proof positive of the very toxic and even nationally destabilizing effect the MSM has had on this nation. I am not going to place the blame squarely on this newscasters shoulders, but it is a true indication of the problem in this nation. I hate censorship to the core, but we must really hope that someone can somehow fix this mass distortion that is constantly being fed to the people of this nation. It will wind up destroying us all! Because the people who will control everyone else are not the ones who do the best for us, who are most truthful, who bring us forward but rather the ones who can best dupe us into believing untruths. It's truly unreal!

As regard to this specific case I don't know all the details of the shooting you mentioned. Like what the reasoning was that he pulled the trigger. He certainly was not doing a good job that he killed her like that. How the two sentences for crime should differ, I don't know. I still feel that a police or maybe he is former police, hit the nail on the head with the George Floyd incident. He is a black cop, for whatever difference that makes. He said Chauvin's behavior during the knee on back was suspiciously brazen. Chauvin would know he would have to answer for his conduct, but completely did not care. So it leads me to believe there is more to this story than we know.


I don't fully agree with her end statement "Proudly unvaxxed". Candace is NOT a Dr, but political commentator. She is pointing out the lies in the media. The media is a big problem to us at the moment.

@Flowerwall ......... seems like you and i are each trying to show the other the rightness of what we know about an aspect of our species that the said other is only peripherally concerned with. or perhaps, in your case, not concerned at all. internet palaver. but in between the spreading of these two peacock fans (i never knew pea hens had a fan) i tried to show you a comedian, a patron saint in these parts, someone i hoped would have hand with you i a way i surely didnt, making a certain summary generalization about that species. the generalization is the one at the heart of things. his fan is better than mine, i was using it, and him, to get my truth's nose in the door. you didnt even look at him, or my truth. "i nont know much about him " said you. so the communication, like almost all i undertake with this infernal keyboard devise, failed.

but maybe the very slow and over- deliberateness of this dilusion- of- friendship machine will allow me to attempt a remedy. the youtube clip is still up here, the 3 minute snippet still cited. carlin says in 10 seconds that he has no sympathy or concern for the obvious soon doomed human race, that he "roots against this species", that it was "given great gifts and potential" that it "squandered". the rest of the 3
minutes is window dressing cushion to help you find it.

and now i raise the stakes, by which i mean the rich reward you will gain if you will only pause your brilliant lecturing long enough to listen to wisdom. this new wisdom is in the movie KOYAANISQUATSI. Its 1 HR 30 min long, but compelling to quality minds. its the story carl sagan tells, but without words. phillip glass wrote the soundtrack. its the story of our flash devolution, seen from a distance. it was but no longer is free on the internet. but you can get a used DVD of it for $2.59 plus 4 bucks shipping on amazon. if you want i'll money back quarantee it for you. look, this is me reduced to begging attention for truth that should flow like water among us, the true vital commerce among us. oh well. if youve seen it, more egg on my face.

new chance. ready, set, .....start. maybe after that we can communicate. for the other stuff, jack petigro is smart as hell and as good a guy as youre likely to find here. he does agnostic palavor way better than i do. and he agrees with me here, although pride of place seems to inhibit his tongue.

@holdenc98 I think I missed this response when you first wrote it. What is the meaning of palaver? I didn't know so I looked it up and I still don't think I understand, but I think a lot of what is being said here I don't understand. I did watch the little bit you mentioned in this video of the interview with Carlin. I didn't know what to make of it I guess because I am not really familiar with his comedy. That's why I responded that way. I can't really put his statements in a bigger frame of reference. I think saying you "root against the species" is a really bad place to be if you genuinely mean it, but I get it, he's a comedian and he's trying to entertain. He did seem serious when he said it though, so I don't know. It has to be humor, who would actually think that way? Saying humans squandered everything is ignoring every positive contribution and everything right in the world. But I do understand he is meant to be funny.

I have never heard of "KOYAANISQUATSI", but have heard the name Carl Sagan. I will take a look at it when I get a chance.

With regard to the person mentioned I have something I still need to read from another thread. There goes the word "palaver". I need to hear it used more in a sentence or more frequently. I don't get the definition.

Do pea hens have fans? I don't know if they do. I did see a white peacock for the first time recently. At first I thought it was a female, but then came to realize it was a different type of peacock than the one that is most familiar to people and it was a male. It was the most incredible display when feathers were up! Really something to see. It takes the regal beauty of the bird up a notch higher. Previous to seeing this I had thought there was a dimorphic color difference in peafowl.

Upon further research, is it correct to say the word means "blahs, blah, blah"?

@holdenc98 I still think I am not sure I understood everything you meant. You identify with Carlin's perception on things? I am sorry if I'm slow to understand or understand things the wrong way. Is that correct about Carlin? You are right there is a huge distortion when reading or responding to things online. I do understand people get frustrated with life and other people in general and want to just throw up their hands, but taking on certain attitudes or a certain position of disaffectedness is beneficial to noone. I don't recommend it.

Maybe it will all make better sense after I know more about the other title you mentioned the KoYaa...

I don't know if the definition of "blah, blah, blah" really fits the word, but I saw it in something when I was looking it up and thought it would be a memorable definition.

@Flowerwall ......... hi:

pa·lav·er = verb
talk unproductively and at length.

carlin's a far from a perfect entity, but this comment is pithy, and he is serious, and dead on right. what the fruit of our "intelligence" might have been, and what it turned out to be, and now its looming final failure. and all because our base elements out power the best of us. i think it calls for a species civil war, but the best of us would surely loose that. there so many civil wars raging simultaneously. it's confusing.

i don't think pea hens have fans. they don't need to display. afterall, theyre hens. its more than enough that they just be. there's no justice in sexuality. men are reconciled to that. thats why the next preposterous step in mankind's final days will be female total domination. oh well .. we're more than half way there now. i just hope they don't replace us males altogether. it seems likely that they will. meanwhile we jostle with each other just to get to to hold their hems.

now , next, i beg again...

1- go on youtube and watch any of the several richard attenborough films about bower birds. the longer they are, the better they are.

2- watch koyaanisquatsi. depending on your computer skill and connection you might have to buy the dvd on amazon. if you don't appreciate it i renew my personal guarantee, i'll send you your money back,, ive taken a liking to your flat, yes peaceful, gentle, and open affect. the film is life transforming. it will be a big help in cultivating your disaffection with humanity, a vital next step..

3 - watch sagan's cosmos. im surprised you havent already

we must never give up on our simple life's existence, cause thats all there is left not to give up on.

  "what the fruit of our "intelligence" might have been" Is a very similar idea, or same, to the one mentioned in an article linked in another thread response I am late at responding to. If that sounds confusing, sorry, it's just the same concept, and I believe that this idea of lost potential abounds. But I guess the bigger question is how do we stop it? Well of course it depends on the specific circumstance you are addressing, in the other article it's population and hunger, environment and related, and here we started this thread talking about two deaths by police that were, what is the correct way to say it, "inter race" crimes? Except we have a reversed racial perp/victim in the two scenarios. So again, if we look at this for what it TRULY is, if we compare media response and our own individual responses to the two cases, we see the media feeding the flames of this being a racial issue and not what it most likely was, a case with some similarities to the other, a cop making an unnecessarily violent, deadly decision that likely had very little to do with the race of the victim. We become aware of a mass collusion by media, a tyrannical exertion of sway in public opinion by media focus and through the realization that truth is no longer relevant in news reporting. We realize that our governing officials haven't even begun to discuss the damning effects the media  had, so we can say so far the media has gotten away with it. And with the election of Biden that followed and the pandemic itself we believe that possibly the media's focus and fanning of flames was maybe warranted in the situation. We say that some of the outcome of Biden's election was GOOD for the general public, especially the hardest hit, so we will say it is not an issue to fully address, but we are WRONG. And while I do not disagree that some of the increased focus on programs that helped the majority through the hardest part of pandemic were better than the alternative we could have expected, I think the tactics of the media should NOT be ignored, and viewed as blameless in this national rift we are in. But how much time is the media going to spend saying "we ourselves didn't do a very honest, balanced job of reporting on George Floyd and Justine Ruszczyk" because it discredits their own work and who is ever keen on doing THAT? They won't be keen to say "Okay we emphasized one, because we wanted to help sway the vote, WE were essentially DISHONEST". Noone wants to admit they are a liar, even though we all are to some degree. Only here it was a big problem. There are psychological ramifications for what has been done to every human being in this country. They are not BLAMELESS or just on the side of good, because this was NOT a predominately racial issue, and no amount of denial, or post pandemic aid, or policy shifts, is going to change that fact. The media did not, and does not, show regard for truth or balance. How many people now are overly fearful of "white supremacists" the media claim are everywhere? How many people have bought the idea that racism is a "growing" problem, and not a lessening one? How does this skewed view damage our national progress?

This is more than I expected to write. I didn't respond to anything else. Maybe I can finish this at a later time.

@holdenc98 Okay I am going to finish this reply now. What is the "looming final failure" in your opinion? I guess I am somewhat confused on how to respond to all of this because I don't know exactly how it all ties together.

What is this - "preposterous step in mankind's final days will be female total domination" - supposed to mean? I don't have any idea. I was listening to someone give a talk and the idea of certain perspectives, or mindsets as being feminine was mentioned, do you mean in this regard? Or are you meaning exactly what you said? "Female total dominanation". It sounds like an unserious statement.

I did read and see a shorter video on bower birds. Not sure if this was Attenborough's work. The birds featured were quite the little characters with quite the interesting antics! I am sure I will see more in the future as these birds really do stand out as being ones to watch.

I tried searching up the KAYEE.... haven't been successful in finding it yet. I did read a little bit on Sagan, just little random bits. There were a couple memorable quotes, or ideas, I came across, but to be honest, the ideas were ones expressed in response to something Sagan had said. I do get he was a celebrity scientist and had a real following of fans. Cosmos is a mini-series, correct? I don't know if I will get to that. I do have a book that has pictures taken throughout the universe with small, scientific descriptions. I don't understand all the science references, but the images are quite stunning.

Also curious why you said " it will be a big help in cultivating your disaffection with humanity, a vital next step.." What is this supposed to mean? I'm not sure what this means either "ive taken a liking to your flat, yes peaceful, gentle, and open affect. " but I am assuming it's meant as a positive? Following that statement by the former statement mentioned is not something I can fully make sense of. I have no plans on "cultivating disaffection with humanity", btw.

@holdenc98 Also of note is what the voters of Minneapolis decided yesterday - NO to eliminate police (56% No, to 43% Yes), REMOVED 5 city council members, but kept Mayor Frey.

@holdenc98 I think I just found "Koyaanisqa​tsi" on YouTube. I will give it a watch at some point relatively soon.

@Flowerwall ...........
Learn to pronounce

  1. unnecessarily elaborate or complex procedure.
    "there's a lot of palaver involved"
    an improvised conference between two groups, typically those without a shared language or culture.


I love PBS. The thought control of which you speak does not exist. That being said, Woodruff is not, and has never been a good interviewer..

yes it do !!!!!! yes it do !!!!!!!!!


I live (suburb) in the Twin Cities, BOTH crimes happened here. I followed them closely.
IMO, your 'diatribe' sounds completely biased.
Aside from the "mirror'ed races and cop vs citizen, the cases/circumstances are very different.

i know, theyre very different. but one way theyre the same . black public bullying pressure through threat of riot they call protest displaced and took over our phoney balloney "justice" system. both cops were ass holes. thats no surprise to anybody. but the black asshole cop had his sentence forced down, the white asshole cop had his sentence forced up. how does pointing that out make my words a diatribe?

and what about judy woodruff? that was the point. did you miss it?

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