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I am of the opinion that Castroann35 is a troll or something else as she wants me to communicate with her using some app I am not going to use.

dalefvictor 8 Oct 24

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Always remember that all of this is simply words on a screen. The one sending the words could be anybody in any location. This is why they never do one on one phone calls. The info from this type of call can be traced to a location and the one that is giving you the words on a screen is likely sending words to several people at once. If you are willing to communicate with them on some other app you are more likely to be one who would send them money.

I was fully in touch with my wife to be from Kenya by phone, camera, and text. All of her info checked out. Today people often play texting games with each other even while they are in the same room.


Don’t be cruel; she may be desperate to leave Af’stan.

My intention was not to be cruel, I would not do that. My intention was to stop the contact and allow others to be forewarned. She asked me if I wanted to be in love again.

The app she wanted you to use would record the keys you type and send to her computer what looks like bank account numbers, passwords, etc.


If they ask you to change app, they will be a scammer or hacker rather than a troll. Don't do it, obviously.


Of course they do scammers contacted me never followed up

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 24, 2021

Oh look! The face belongs to Kim W. Castor:


She never posted anything. She believes in god, is a Xtian piece of shit and truth be told "she's" prolly a dude. Block her.

See above Joe.


I searched on her user name. She’s following my posts, says she’s in Kabul ( Afghanistan ) but is willing to move only 100 km.

I noticed that when s\he joined "Food Glorious Food". An attractive face I wonder who it belongs to?

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