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LINK The Aristocrats Funding the Critical Race Theory ‘Backlash’

In the immediate aftermath of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia governorship victory last week, many pundits credited an uprising against critical race theory as the key to the former Carlyle Group executive’s electoral success. But hardly anyone is talking about how critical race theory has largely been an “astroturf” issue created by GOP operatives with a backlash funded by billionaire donors.

The anti-CRT movement has descended with a vengeance this year into suburban school board meetings and Fox News programming. And while the movement may present itself with a local face, many of its most effective advocacy groups are propped up by wealthy, well-connected backers—right down to its connections to the billionaire Koch family.

(The Koch family also funded the astro-turf Tea Party movement, when Obama was president.)

snytiger6 9 Nov 8

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Anyone else want our democracy back?

MizJ Level 8 Nov 9, 2021

Under Wikipedia's entry for Fred Koch: "Unable to succeed at home, Koch found work in the Soviet Union". Between 1929 and 1932 Winkler-Koch supported the Kremlin and "trained Bolshevik engineers to help Stalin's regime set up fifteen modern oil refineries" in the Soviet Union during its first Five Year Plan

For the rich, the only patriotism they feel os a patriotism for profits.

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