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LINK How NOT to shoot a gun.

This is hysterical!! Karma is perfect!

HippieChick58 9 Apr 21

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I think the box of rocks might be smarter than that.

Ohub Level 7 Apr 22, 2018

if this isn't a reason to ban most guns I don't know what is.


I'm a gun owner, But this is why some people shouldn't be.


Lol, no research at all.


Funniest one I ever saw was an old boy making a video, swaggerin about with the gun holstered on his hip, looking like Barney Fife retired to work at a KFC & he's going on about how he's gonna demonstrate a "quick draw & fire". Dumb ass never cleared the holster & shot himself in the leg.


What a maroon!

what was he thinking?

@btroje Really doesn't seem he was! There are even cartoons out, as old as Merrie Melodies, that show this inanity! I have no sympathy, just wish he would have held it lower to protect the gene pool!

@btroje There is no evidence in that video that he was thinking!


It hurts even if you don't brace it against your shoulder firmly enough.


That was awful

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