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Biblical Believers Hypocrisy and Ignorance

Why is it that Bible believing Christians will pontificate and preach about the "good Book" when in conversation it almost always becomes obvious that they have never read the Bible in their lives?
In a recent USA survey the most popular and favourite bible quote was overwhelmingly said to be:-

God helps those who help themselves

The only problem being, that quote is not in the Bible, at all, anywhere, infact there is nothing even remotely like it and it it is a denial of fundamental Christian teachings.

Perhaps this is why have I been able to convince a Bible believer that quotes from the Iliad, 1984, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett and Oscar Wilde are biblical quotes and that actual Biblical quotes are "heretical rubbish"

Why would anyone simply trust the word of someone else that everything they ever need to know about the book they claim to live their lives by can be gleaned from Christmas and Easter Cards?

Does this make anyone one else feel sick and disgusted?

LenHazell53 9 Apr 22

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Yes it does. The only reasons I have bible in my house are for decoration & sentimental.


I've read the bible cover to cover and I remember this scripture but cannot find it at the moment. Jesus said not to eat with Shriners or Republicans. It's in there some where.

Could be, but I know it is in the Book of Mormon referred to there as secret combinations and Gadianton Robbers (JC is in the BOM by the way, seems he went on holiday there while he was dead in the tomb)


I'm way beyond being just a little sick and disgusted at the bible thumpers...


If people don't believe what I believe I think they will go to hell!! I'm just kidding I'm a big hypocrite but at least I'll admit it religious people wont


In relation to the Christianity religion I always thought Saturday was the last day of of the week and that should be the real Sabbath instead of Sunday I'm not really sure what to do on this maybe put up my concerns and I don't know how to post them report a post them for if this is the right place

The Jewish Sabbath is from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset. This is why the Seventh Day Adventists observe Saturday as the Sabbath, as well. But, if you ask the typical knowledgeable Christian, they will tell you they do not observe the Jewish Sabbath, but observe the Lord's Day, or the Resurrection of Christ, which occurred on a Sunday. The first Christians, who were all Jewish, since Christianity started out as a Jewish sect, observed both the Jewish Sabbath on Saturday and the Lord's Day on Sunday.


I have read the bible. Read it through twice as a youngster. When I was aware enough to actually be aware of what I was reading, I found most of the old testament appalling. There was so much killing, and deity-ordered injustice! That was the foundation of my growing disbelief. So, in a way, I owe my current skeptical mindset to my persistence in plowing through the "good book" that second time.


I think they took that quote from the Republican bible.

Republicus Bullshit 3:16 - "Pull thine self up from thine own boot straps."


Not sick and disgusted, just overwhelmed by the ignorance and hypocrisy that believers display at what they maintain they even believe.

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