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LINK Tucker Carlson Sides With Putin Over Ukraine, Right to Defend Borders

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday sided with Vladimir Putin over Russia's military activity near Ukraine, saying the Russian president "just wants to keep his western borders secure."

In recent months, Russian troops and artillery have gathered in large numbers at Ukraine's borders, with officials in Kyiv and Washington warning that Moscow could be preparing an imminent invasion.

Russia has denied plans to invade and has said it was just responding to Ukrainian and NATO aggression.

NATO has expressed willingness for Ukraine to join the bloc, whereas Russia has long opposed any NATO expansion. Putin said on December 1 that he wanted "legal guarantees" from NATO that it would never expand eastward.

snytiger6 9 Dec 8

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Let's hope cooler heads prevail and no one does anything stupid. No one has anything to gain from a war with Russia.


A Repubican on the side of Russia. What a shocker.


Just what happens when the GQP openly declare themselves as Putin stooges? They're openly racist; what's a little treason matter as long as the libs are owned...

I had said to a friend just today something about wondering how many Jan 6th “patriots” and other far right loons would engage in treason in a conflict with Russia. If they don’t like it here they should move there instead where freedom of expression is so openly supported. Ask Pussy Riot and Navalny.


Fucker's an oligarch, as owner of Swanson's Foods (which also owns Stouffer frozen dinners for those who boycott him) it serves his privilege, so he'll take the opposite side of anything a Dem does. We do not serve his privilege so must be put into deep freeze. Also, he's aware that FOX will likely not survive as a Con Rag so pinning himself to the Confederate audience. They are a large enough audience to keep him eating caviar from The Kremlin as America explodes and will be applauded by them (should Confederacy win) when it's over. Oligarchs gotta stick together.

Damn... No more Stouffer's Lasagna. I didn't realize it was part of Swanson. Well, luckily I know how to make lasagna from scratch. It just takes to long and the costs are about the same. Sigh.

@snytiger6 Banquet is pretty good. I buy the spaghetti/meatballs and chicken strips on sale a lot.


Wonderful that he is openly admitting he supports Putin and the Kremlin over the Untied States and it’s allies. It has been pretty obvious, but now he has taken a firm stand.

Fox News should stop wrapping itself in the US flag.

Carlson is totally supportive of oligarchs, because an oligarchy would give rich assholes like himself more power.

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