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I am officially taking applications for a new mother and father. I attempted to help mine by moving them to where I live. My father broke his back recently, and my mother is schizophrenic and bipolar.
They've always been a mess. Over the top religiosity. Mental health issues. Neglect. Abuse. Overbearing control.

They saw the salt and pepper shaker holder my 8 year old bought for me and my fiancΓ© and said it was satanic/ demonic.
My little boy (fiancΓ©'s son) bought that for us, with his own money. And even though it doesn't match anything in my kitchen, I still display it BECAUSE MY KID GOT IT FOR ME.
I had to kick them out of my home and send them back to their home state, when my father still refused to relent even after he was told the back story.

They were supposed to move to where I live, because they are old and barely able to care for themselves.
I mama beared up so f*cking fast. They were on the next flight out. ✈

Don't let the door hit you. ✌

So.... who's my daddy? And mommy, now? πŸ˜‰

I attached a pic of the dragon.

FilthyMONKEYgirl 6 Dec 11

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Bravo for standing up for yourself and your chosen family. It can be hard to break the bonds of control our parents can place on us, but parenthood is something you pay forward, not back. You do not owe them. I love the holder, your child has great taste and from your behaviour it seems like the boy's father may have great taste as well πŸ˜„
I'm probably too old to apply for father, but I'd toss my hat in the ring for honourary granddad. πŸ˜†


Cool salt and pepper holder!


It seems you also do what I do...the 'salt' top on the pepper & vice versa! BTW, cool dragon!

& tho not your "Daddy", I'll be "the freaky-deaky Uncle" if you'd like...


Dragons, like Satan, are make believe. Sad that an 8 year can apparently understand that while his grandparents can't. And yes, def cool salt and pepper cellar set.


That salt and pepper shaker holder is sick though

Tejas Level 7 Dec 11, 2021
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