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Do moods exist?

Have You Ever Encountered A Mood?

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skado 9 Dec 20

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Why are you asking questions about the existence of abstract nouns that exist in the minds of sentient beings?

Thanks for asking (and thanks for the music).

I’m trying to understand why some people are very comfortable acknowledging the existence of some abstractions (moods), have mixed feelings about others (numbers), and are generally very uncomfortable with certain others (gods, spirits).

@skado that's a fascinating concept.

I don't have a religious horror story upon which to grind my axe but imagine that could be a psychological impetus for any discomfort.

There is a difference between knowing that the concept of numbers, moods, gods and spirits exist in the consciousness of highly evolved animals, and knowing that any absurd anthropomorphic attributes ascribed to numbers, moods, gods and spirits is arrant errant nonsense.

Do gods and spirits with powers to affect the world exist as far as you are concerned?

They exist as evolved psychological features and emergent behaviors of Homo sapiens. They exist as numbers and moods exist. That is to say, they clearly do affect the world.

As far as appears to me, they are, in themselves, non-material (what was once called spiritual) relationships and concepts which are both available to human experience, and at the same time unavoidable.

If moods and numbers didn’t have power to change things (utility) we wouldn’t continue to employ them.

But the substrate from which they emerge is nothing but the known and yet-to-be-known laws of physics that operate in our natural universe.

How do you see it?

@skado your thoughtful questions are deserving of deeper consideration than my meagre metier may muster.

Understanding of numbers, moods and beliefs may be endemic to animalia (with well developed nervous systems).

The effect upon the world is what animals do with their cognition of numbers moods and beliefs not the numbers moods and beliefs.

I see monkeys who will destroy the planet before the star subsumes it, but not necessarily before the sapient apes fling their shit from the earthly cage into the galaxy in the paroxysms of ecstasy that anthropomorphic chauvinism predicates, lol.

And you?


All I see is Biology being Bio Logical.

@skado word


Moods exist as a state of mind brought about by something or nothing in particular, and can be good, bad or just meh... Sometimes they can be altered by circumstances, drugs or music, or just a good night's sleep or in time...

Similarly, a belief is a state of mind also brought about by something...


I once met a mood in a dark alley and it mugged me,


Moods exist in our minds, without question. To the extent that we exist, so do moods. "Cogito ergo sum.".


a lack of mood is a bit disturbing.


Some years ago now as my twin and I headed into menopause I was talking to my brother in law and he said, "Oh, give me the happy days of PMS!" 🤣🤣🤣 She was always a nasty one at that time of the month. We may be identical but in so many ways, as I have mentioned b4 we are not.


My moods exist. Some of them are fun.


As someone who can be rather moody from time to time, they sure seem real to me.


Honey, I AM a mood.

Why doesn't that surprise me? 😀

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