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At long last we know all that we could learn from history, and that is that people learn nothing from history.

Willow_Wisp 8 Dec 23

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Nailed it sweety

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 23, 2021

I just noted this conversation from a TV series as I thought it had some truth to it. It certainly applies here. The main character was narrating this in his head as he was saying goodbye to his good friend who was dying of a brain tumor.

LIfe is a repetition of regrets and failures.
I sarcastically asked, "what's the point of living?"
It's to regret and fail more wonderfully.


History is made by people who find themselves in positions of power, by a combination of cunning, intelligence, and the luck of the draw,,
who become so drunk with that power,
they come to believe
they as a group,
or as an individual,
ARE that power,
and are
At a particular moment in time,
they make the critical decision
NOT to shake off these delusions,
and cede power gracefully,
but instead hold onto it at all costs,
one way or another.
This leads to a chain of events which quickly spiral out of control.
Conflict ensues, and with it, inevitably, comes
This plays out in any grouping,
from families, tribes, on up into increasing complex
hierarchial structures,
until it reaches
the very top, and wars break out.

In the ruins,
A new order is built,
and the cycle begins anew.
This is one definition
of "the human condition."


Yas indeedy..


People can't learn from their own history, what would make you thimk they could learn from general history 🤣 History only seems to be helpful to recognise a mistake after you've made it again 😆


That's very true, actually about the first thing you learn from any in depth study of history, is that the human race keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.

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